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  Ordering carton customers may often hear from manufacturers such words as "do not recommend large-scale printing" or "can not do large-scale printing". What is the reason?
  First, large-scale printing of cartons will increase production costs. First, the amount of printing plate and ink will increase, which directly increases production costs. Secondly, the scrap rate will increase with the increase of printing area, indirectly increasing the cost.
  Secondly, there are high requirements for cardboard. The different raw material levels of the cardboard mills have resulted in problems such as corrugated, corrugated, corrugated and soft cardboard, which will affect the printing of cardboard. In that case, can't we choose better cardboard? For this problem, we know from the professional staff that the paperboard is affected by the weather and humidity, and the amount of glue coating is more or less, which will cause the paperboard to be uneven, and slightly uneven, and the paperboard factory will not be replaced.
  Thirdly, large area printing has strict requirements for printing presses. In this way, the average carton factory printing machinery is about 200,000. About 8 million printing presses can produce large-area printing with good results.
  Cartons can be used to store or package some vulnerable products, but some insect pests with strong penetration ability can penetrate the packaged cardboard, which not only damages the food, but also damages the reputation of food manufacturers and sellers. Therefore, carton packaging can adopt two methods of insect prevention.
  1. Physical method, packaging individual food with high strength film, so that insects can not penetrate and prevent insects. But this method must change the existing packaging production line, in addition to increasing the cost of film.
  2. Chemically, food is packaged with cardboard coated with chemicals to prevent insects. The specific method is to coat the surface of cardboard with insect-proof paint. This anti-insect paint is not an insecticide, but a natural essential oil which can be used as food additives. Its function is not to kill insects, but to repel insects from the outside to prevent the invasion of insects. This will not change the existing packaging production line, maintain a lower cost. It is simple and can be printed on the surface of cardboard by aniline printer. It is suitable for small batch production. Waste cardboard can be recycled.
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