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  The skills of transferring ink to the surface of paper, fabric, leather and other materials through plate making, ink application, pressure and other processes of original manuscripts, such as text, pictures and photographs, to copy the content of original manuscripts in batches. It's called printing. There are many ways of printing: traditional offset printing, screen printing, digital printing and so on.
  印刷工艺也可说是视觉、触觉信息印刷仿制的全部过程,包含印前、印刷、印後加工和发送等。是一门集摄影,美术,工艺,化学,电子,电脑软体、硬体科技,再加环保的考 量的杂乱和考验超强的一门技能。即通过统筹、摄影、文字处理和美术设计、修改、分色、制版、印刷、印後成型加工按需求批量仿制美术、文字、图画的技能。
  Printing process can also be said to be the whole process of visual and tactile information printing imitation, including pre-press, printing, post-press processing and sending. Is a collection of photography, art, technology, chemistry, electronics, computer software, hardware technology, plus environmental considerations of chaos and testing a super skill. That is, through overall planning, photography, word processing and art design, modification, color separation, plate-making, printing, post-press shaping processing, batch imitation of art, text, graphics skills according to demand.
  印刷,作为一种图象与文字仿制的技能,其社会含义在于它在仿制文字与图象的同时记录和传播着相应的历史文化,因此,早呈现印刷技能的 国家必定是人类文明的古国。印刷作为一门用来仿制的实用技能是中国人创造的,咱们所熟知的印章便是它的前期雏形。印章在我国历史上呈现的很早,约在殷代即 已经有大量由金属、石、陶、骨等制作的印章。前期的印章多为阴文,即文字凹于印面,后来又呈现了阴文印章,即文字凸出于印面,印章在历史上首要的运用功用 是作为记号或符号的证明,尚不是以仿制为首要目的工艺方式,可是简略的印章中包含了仿制技能中凸版及凹版的深入原理,关于印刷技能的创造在印的观念上以十分重要的启迪。
  Printing, as a skill of image and text imitation, its social meaning lies in that it records and disseminates the corresponding history and culture while copying words and images. Therefore, the country that first presents printing skills must be the ancient country of human civilization. Printing, as a practical skill for imitation, was created by the Chinese. The seal we know well is its early embryonic form. Seals appeared very early in China's history. There were many seals made of metal, stone, pottery, bone and so on in the Yin Dynasty. Previous seals are mostly in the form of shades, i.e. letters are concave on the surface, and then the shades are presented. That is to say, letters are protruded from the surface. The primary function of seals in history is to prove signs or symbols. It is not yet a process with imitation as its primary purpose. However, the simple seals contain in-depth principles of relief and gravure in imitation skills, and the creation of printing skills lies in the creation of printing skills. The idea of India is very important.
  Although combinatorial printing can give full play to the advantages of various printing methods, combinatorial printing is still in the early stage of development, so attention should be paid to the operation process. Different printing processes use different ink components, which may be incompatible. Therefore, in combination printing, it is necessary to test the ink compatibility before printing.
  In the combination of various printing processes, if the combination is not appropriate, the printing speed of one printing process will affect the overall production efficiency. Therefore, a reasonable combination of printing processes should be carried out to ensure that the sequence of the combined printing press units used has satisfactory variability, in order to meet the combined printing needs of different printing products, and set up according to the printing requirements. Set up the printing speed of each unit.