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Small business card, it seems simple, it has to go through several printing processes to reach you. In the past, we had to go to the business card printing shop to print, a box of business cards may have to go many times, but now with the Internet, it is much simpler. You can tap the keyboard and search for the best business card making scheme for you online. For high-end business card printing, the same is true. It is important to pay attention to the design points and printing methods of high-end business card printing.
Business cards are square inch art, classic business card design and appreciation, exquisite business cards make people fond of it, even if they do not have deep contact with the recipient, others are willing to preserve it. And high-end business card printing design is more so, it is different from general graphic design, most of the graphic design surface is larger, giving people enough space to express; high-end business card is not, it only has a small surface design space, in order to play in a small area, the difficulty can be imagined. Business card printing is also different from general printing. Most business cards can only be overprinted on a single sheet. The printing quality can not be compared with large offset press. The precision of printed pictures has certain limitations, which is another important factor to be considered in design.
So, what is the main way to print high-end business cards? The answer is laser printing, which is currently the most widely used way to print high-end business cards. At present, laser printing can be divided into two categories: black and color, which can produce business cards of different grades.
In the post-processing of high-end business card printing, we usually need to carry out plastic, die-cutting, stamping, boxing and other processes. As an example, stamping which can best reflect the word "high-grade" in high-end business card printing is required by many customers to stamp the logo or company name, and stamping is the last process in high-end business card printing. Gold stamping is to use a special stamping machine to stamp various colors of aluminium electrodes on business cards, giving people a sense of taste and style.