来源:   日期:2019-01-18


  In today's society, people's pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more intense. It is precisely because of this, those high-end wine boxes with exquisite production and elegant shape are highly welcomed and sought after by people. But in the actual production process, for these high-end wine box packaging steps from design, plate making, printing and post-printing processing to finished products, almost no product can complete these processes perfectly, and in the process of processing is not seamless. Next, some common problems in the production process and the corresponding treatment methods are discussed.
  1. Inaccurate Overprinting of High-grade Wine Box Packaging
  If the position between pictures and text or regular lines is not coordinated properly, it is very difficult to realize the correct overprint in printing. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the accuracy of the overprint to a certain extent. At the same time, it is particularly required to use a high magnifying glass in the process of the overprint, and the number of times of exposure is more, which will easily lead to the phenomenon of poor overprint. Of course, there is seldom overprint inaccuracy when only one exposure occurs, but not when multiple exposure occurs. If you have to do multiple exposure, you have to use the table paper for partition exposure.
  Two. Virtual edition
  PS版与胶片感光层贴合不紧密就会造成虚版《虚网),而且晒出的印版可能会发生重影、模糊不清等题目。碰到这种情况,可以把PS版转个角度,再在其下面垫几张纸,并延长曝光时间,网点缩小,一般是由于曝光过量、显影液浓度过高 显影时间过长、显影温度过高造成的,这是采用相应的处理方法就可以了,小网点丢失,实地密度欠佳一般是由于胶片图文密度不够、曝光过度等问题造成的。针对于这种现象,其相应的处理方法就需要重新拷贝胶片、缩短曝光时间。
  If the PS plate and the film sensitive layer do not adhere closely, the virtual version of Virtual Screen will be created, and the printed plate may be duplicated and blurred. In this case, we can turn the PS version to another angle, then lay a few sheets of paper under it, prolong the exposure time, and reduce the dots. Generally, it is caused by excessive exposure, too high concentration of developer, too long development time and too high development temperature. This is due to the use of corresponding processing methods. Small dots are lost, and the poor field density is generally due to insufficient film image and text density. Excessive exposure and other problems. In view of this phenomenon, the corresponding processing methods need to re-copy the film and shorten the exposure time.