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  What are the spelling methods for album printing? The printing of books and periodicals with pictures and a small amount of text is the printing of picture albums. Albums are basically printed on copperplate paper. There are also albums with special cover paper and inner copperplate paper. There are also brochures printed on special paper.
  The pages to be printed are arranged in the order of page number according to their folding method. The size of the pages is determined by the printing width and the size of the printed paper. This is called typesetting, typesetting can be roughly divided into: parts of the typesetting and books and periodicals of the two kinds of typesetting. So what is the way to make up a picture album? We can divide the method into three kinds: First, the parts of the patchwork pieces occupy a heavy weight in the printed matter. For example, a print with a front and back printing space of 16K can be assembled into a double-sided plate. If you want to save money, you can also assemble the bottom and cover. In printing, you do not need to change the single-sided self-turning plate with the mouth edge.
  2. It is necessary to know the number of pages, the method of binding (horseback binding, wire binding, thread binding or gluing), the number of colours (single, double or four colours), the thickness of paper and the form of folding (handicraft folding or machine folding) before printing. The way to determine the spelling.
  三、拼版办法选择得当,不但能使拼版装订顺利,还能节省费用,提高书刊的质量。在印刷工艺中,册页的编排是有特定的规则可循。无论页码多少,都需依照规则将其编排在特定的版面中,才干进行画册印刷。即折页数(F) 与页数(L)和版面数(A) 与印张数(I) 之间具有必定的规则,即一折构成两页4个页码,第二折构成四页8个页码。拼版是画册印刷中一个重要的环节,拼版也有许多的好处,例如:提高产品的质量,减少过错,简化工艺程序等等。拼版的好处有许多在这环节操作时也需求留意办法,做出精美画册。
  3. Proper selection of typesetting method can not only make the typesetting binding smoothly, but also save costs and improve the quality of books and periodicals. In the printing process, there are specific rules to follow in the arrangement of pages. No matter how many pages are numbered, they must be arranged in a specific layout according to the rules in order to print the picture album. That is, there are certain rules between folded pages (F) and pages (L) and layout (A) and number of printed pages (I). That is, the first fold constitutes two pages and four pages and eight pages, and the second fold constitutes four pages and eight pages. Collage is an important link in album printing. Collage also has many advantages, such as improving the quality of products, reducing mistakes, simplifying process procedures and so on. There are many advantages of typesetting. In this process, we also need to pay attention to ways to make exquisite picture albums.
  Design embodies the way: business owners need to fully convey their needs to convey the information to designers, daily printing company designers through their own professional skills need to clearly and accurately convey the content of album design and image characteristics. If the investment company's album printing design is mistaken for the album design of the cleaning company, then no matter how beautiful and novel the surface decoration form is, it will also fail. There are many kinds of ink in picture album printing. According to different printing methods, the common types of ink can be divided into four categories: lithographic printing ink, relief printing ink, gravure printing ink and screen printing ink. A good printing ink must have the characteristics of high purity, high saturation, high light resistance, high transparency and good water resistance. Ink quality of Shanghai Printing Company directly affects the quality of printed matter. Ink can be imported and made in China, and the quality is different. When printing picture albums, we can choose suitable ink according to the design requirements of different paper and picture albums. For example, when the color is heavy, we need high purity and high saturation ink.
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