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  In real life, when customers buy supplements, most of them will be satisfied with the large area of warm tone product packaging. For cleaning products, they are interested in Cold-Tone packaging. Shandong Printing Factory is not only the subjective factor of products, but also the effect of customers'emotions. Successful product packaging planning can not only arouse customers'emotions and associations, but also make customers "never forget". Psychology holds that memory is a reproduction of what one has experienced in the past. Memory is an important link in the process of mind-knowing. We need to grasp the packaging planning and customer emotional rules accurately, and then improve the effect of packaging planning. Shandong Printing Factory promotes customers to purchase products.
  Physical printing, printing ink in the print part is a kind of stacking load, the non-print part is concave or protruding, and the height of the print part is different from that of the print part and can not be stained with ink, leaving it blank, so the transfer of printing ink to the printed material is only a physical mechanical effect. General relief printing, gravure printing, orifice printing, dry lithographic printing, etc., are physical printing (printing surface is higher or lower than non-printing surface).
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  Printed matter is a product and artwork by visual arbitration. The quality of picture album printing depends on many factors. Paper characteristics are undoubtedly an important factor among them. The paper with good performance can complete ink transfer completely, make the pictures and texts clearly and satisfactorily reproduced on the paper, and then obtain satisfactory imitation effect. However, due to the limitations of paper and other materials and technology in Shandong Printing Factory, most of the colorful continuous tone drawings can not be faithfully copied and reproduced, but can only make the printed drawings as close as possible to the original.
  Comparisons in Composition Skills: The so-called coarse and fine comparison refers to the color used in the composition process and a style formed by the color composition of the picture. In the painting and calligraphy works, we know that there is a sense of appropriateness and appropriateness, or that the sense and appropriateness appear on a picture (like the Chinese painting master Qi Baishi's cabbage). Like the painting of scorpion, this style is often used in packaging composition. Some of them are the comparison of the main picture and the foil picture; some of them are the comparison of the central picture and the setting picture; some of them are rough as the wind sweeps away the clouds, while the other side is delicate as hairs; some of them are the replacement of the painting with wild calligraphy, which can be seen anywhere and anytime in the packaging of some alcoholic and food products.
  The above is an introduction about how to compose the picture in the printing process. More information about Jinan packaging and printing can be clicked on our official website: We will serve you wholeheartedly!