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  Which one is good at printing picture albums and what steps should be taken? Therefore, starting from the current situation of packaging, this paper analyses the importance of packaging structure design, and studies the color of packaging.
  First, pay attention to the change of water supply
  Attention should be paid to the change of water supply in the initial stage of formal printing. There will be some changes in the amount of water used in trial printing and after entering the formal printing. We must pay attention to the duplication of sample sheets and water carriers, and adjust the amount of water supplied to the printing plate at the same time.
  (2) Pay attention to the change of water supply in the process of formal printing. It is necessary to pay close attention to the influence of the heating of the main body of the machine and the ventilation condition in the workshop on the water supply. Alcohol wetting plate should pay attention to the cooling device of the wetting system, control the temperature of the wetting liquid well, and the printing plate will be dirty if the water supply is too little. Excessive water supply will cause ink emulsification, which will bring a series of problems. For example, the gloss of printing products, paper flexibility and improper overprinting, delaying the drying of ink and so on.
  2. Pay attention to the change of ink
  Pay attention to the ink in the ink bucket. Ink from the bucket roll and the bucket scraper gap between the ink, is the weight of the ink and is naturally squeezed out. Therefore, the amount of ink in ink bucket directly affects the output of ink. Therefore, attention should be paid to keeping a certain amount of ink in the ink bucket. In addition, printing ink has thixotropic properties. If placed in ink bucket for a long time, the fluidity will gradually deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to mix in ink bucket with ink knife or install ink mixer.
  Prevent ink from drying on the machine. When the machine is shut down for a long time, such as eating and resting, the ink on the roller and the ink surface in the ink bucket will dry. Drying inhibitors can be sprayed at places where drying needs to be prevented.
  (3) Pay attention to the uniformity of ink, the density of printed matter changes depending on the amount of water, room temperature and machine speed. It should be checked regularly in comparison with the standard sample sheet. Attention should be paid to preventing the uneven ink color.
  (4) Maintaining the pH value of the wetting solution and adding auxiliary agent in the ink will easily affect the pH value of the wetting solution. If the pH value increases, it will easily cause the printing plate to become dirty, so special attention should be paid to it.
  Packaging in daily life is mostly in a uniform form. Packaging design should combine packaging structure design with packaging decoration design. This paper mainly introduces the structure design of packaging. Carton packaging can be summarized into several basic forms, and then, on the basis of which, the structure can be changed or improved.
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