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Why do different manufacturers offer different prices? And sometimes the difference is not small? It is true that there are some differences between the quotations of different manufacturers, but if there is a lot of difference, the quality is definitely different or there is misunderstanding. The following Jinan handbag printing small braid, you understand the difference in the price of the handbag specifically reflected in which several aspects.
1. Box type. Different box typesetting is not the same, the amount of paper is not the same.
2. Material. The prices of different materials are different, the prices of different brands are also different, the prices of different thicknesses are different, of course, the quality is also different. The requirements of Hefei packaging for materials are always quality assurance and moderate price.
3. Design. Design is a key part. Design is not only related to printing, but also to the impression of appearance. Simple and easy to use, if you can reduce the cost of printing. Generally, we will put forward some suggestions after we get the manuscript.
4. Back road. After the main process and stamping, process treatment, bronzing, UV, concave convex, embossing, threading, sticking molding, etc., different processes have different prices.
5. Quality inspection. The quality inspection work is detailed and miscellaneous. Gift boxes are more hand-made, which may be stained with ash and ink. Because we also make export product packaging boxes, we always have high requirements in this respect. The selection of quality inspection is relatively strict, and the loss rate of customers can be reduced as much as possible.
6. Packaging. There are many ways to package the finished products. The process box will be covered with film bag and outer box; the packaging box can be folded and wrapped with winding film and ground board or added with carton; the number of gift bags and paper cards will be arranged in order, and each type of film bag will be set separately.
The above six points are the specific reasons for the price difference of handbag. Do you understand it? If you have any questions about the handbag, please contact us.