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  1、 What is the principle of cold pressing process for customized handbags?
  In Jinan handbag printing, anodized aluminum is pre coated with hot melt adhesive in the traditional stamping process. When stamping, the adhesive is melted by the pressure of the roller to realize the transfer of aluminum foil.
  The cold and hot anodized aluminum gold used for customized plastic bags is a special kind of anodized aluminum, which is not suitable for adhesive. The adhesive is directly applied to the position to be decorated for printing, transfer, and anodized aluminum contacts the adhesive. The function of the adhesive is that anodized aluminum is also connected to the surface of the printed products.
  Customized hand bag cold pressing process: first printing UV ink. After drying, the special adhesive for printing - the ink surface needs the UV curing adhesive with gold plating; then, the UV drying unit can remove the moisture in the adhesive to a certain extent to form a very thin pressure-sensitive adhesive with viscosity; then, start to customize the bag of cold iron gold, in a pair of metal rollers, to make the aluminum foil contact with the adhesive and press together as one. As a result, the binding force between the adhesive and the aluminum foil is large, so the waste discharge, the aluminum foil and the adhesive contact parts keep the surface of the printed matter, the printed matter to one, and the aluminum foil in other areas is the same as the traditional stamping bag printing waste, so as to complete the first part of the stamping technology.
  As the transferred name of the foil figure floating on the surface of the printed matter, the hardness is very poor, so it must be protected. Apply light or film to the surface of the printed material to protect the pattern of the aluminum foil.
  As the common post-processing technology, carry out adhesive, die-cutting, waste discharge, cutting or rewinding to complete all adhesive printing process.
  What's the difference between cold stamping and traditional stamping in handbag printing?
  2、 Equipment requirements
  The printing plate of the customized handbag cold stamping loose leaf is DuPont Sally plate. The post press adhesive is dried in another UV device to form a high adhesion area on the surface to be gilded for printing. A group of metal embossing rollers can make the aluminum foil firmly stick to the surface of the printed pattern by pressurizing, so as to achieve the purpose of customizing the cold pressing and gilding of the handbag.
  3、 What's the difference between a customized handbag and a cold or hot one
  Compared with the traditional printing and stamping process of handbag, the cold stamping process of customized handbag has many advantages:
  1. The customized handbag has fast iron cooling speed, the fastest speed can reach 50-60m / min, while the general speed is only 20-30m / min.
  2. Custom bag cold stamping materials are widely used, such as custom bag cold stamping on thermal paper and some film materials.
  3. Because the common flexo plate is used instead of the expensive metal plate cylinder, the production cost of the stamping plate is greatly reduced. The cold pressing cost of the customized handbag is only about one tenth of that of the common stamping plate.
  4. Since the heating roller is not used, energy is saved and consumption is reduced.
  5. Due to the production of metal plate cylinder, chemical corrosion process is abandoned, so as to reduce pollution, which is conducive to environmental protection.
  6. It takes one to two weeks to make a metal plate drum with the traditional bag printing and stamping technology, while the customized bag printing and stamping plate only takes a very short time, which greatly shortens the production cycle.
  The cold iron process of the customized handbag consists of adhesive, aluminum foil and other conditions, with some disadvantages, such as:
  1. The cold iron gold for printing customized handbags must be glazed or waxed to protect the bronzing pattern and increase the bronzing cost and process complexity.
  2. The customized bag chill process is suitable for film materials that are not suitable for shrinkage characteristics, such as PVC, PE and other materials.
  3. Due to the poor leveling property of UV adhesive, some dried surfaces are not absolutely flat, resulting in the surface brightness and diffuse reflection difference of the metal foil transferred above. In other words, the effect of cold stamping is not as good as the traditional hot stamping.
  The customized bag cold stamping process is suitable for various types of narrow plate printing machines. Because of its simple process and convenient installation in middle school equipment, it is a new stamping process with a very promising future.
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