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  In the printing design of album printing, there is usually a process to add background color. Through this process, photos can be more personalized. Although this is a simple process, if well used, it can effectively improve the influence of painting art. Next, let Jinan album printing company introduce the relevant precautions in detail for you.
  First of all, in order to make the printing background color of the batch album adopt covering printing, make the ink layer more flat, and the printing layout will not appear white dots and patterns, so as to truly reflect the original artistic effect. In addition, spot color can also be used for picture book printing, which can highlight the characteristics of the picture and improve the overall aesthetic feeling. In printing design, the designer should try to use one or two spot colors as the base color of album printing, not too complex, and the overall design effect should be as simple as possible. The choice of hue should be natural and harmonious. If the difference between the two hues is too big, people will feel disobeyed and uncomfortable. Therefore, designers must skillfully use color to highlight the focus of picture book printing, and mobilize consumers' interest in reading through visual effects. In addition, when choosing spot color, we should follow the unity and conform to the connotation of picture book printing. In the printing process, try to ensure the color consistency between the printed picture book and the original, so as to effectively improve the artistic effect of picture book printing and achieve the purpose of publicity.
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