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  When printing, in order to make the printed products look better and more tasteful, customers often ask us if we have some processes. Jinan packaging printing company here points out two commonly used processes to make the surface brighter.
  Light a layer of colorless transparent paint (varnish) on the surface (or spray, print) of the printing coating. After leveling, drying and pressing, a thin and even transparent light layer is formed on the printing surface. Glazing includes overall glazing, local glazing, glossy glazing, matte (Matt) glazing and special coating glazing.
  2. 为什么印刷品需要上光?
  2. Why does printing need to be polished?
  In order to beautify the printed matter, protect the printed matter, strengthen the publicity effect of the printed matter and improve the practical value of the printed matter. It is more smooth on the surface of the printed matter, making the incident light produce uniform reflection and the ink layer brighter. The use of varnish on the surface of the printed matter can be used for coating the printed matter. Before printing is completed, appropriate measures should be taken to protect the surface of paper or paperboard. After the printing is polished, a thin film is coated on its surface. Its scope of application is as follows:
  (1) Book binding, such as cover, cover, inserts and calendars, calendars, advertisements, publicity samples, etc., can make the printed matter more glossy and colorful after polishing.
  (2) Packaging paper products, such as hardcover cartons, packaging boxes, paper bags, envelopes, trademarks, etc., are treated by polishing, which plays a role in beautifying and protecting articles.
  (3) Cultural products, such as cards, postcards and printed gold patterns, can play a role in resisting mechanical friction and chemical corrosion.
  (4) Daily necessities, food, etc. Such as cigarettes, food, washing powder and other trademarks of light can play a moisture-proof, mildew proof role.
  (5) Pressing copper foil on the hard shell can make the appearance beautiful and its brightness extremely high, such as gold. If the copper content is small and the bottom surface is not firm, good adhesion can be obtained after polishing.
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