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  In the process of plastic intaglio printing, the phenomenon of knife and wire often appears. The reason is very complex, involving plate making, ink, scraping knife and environment. So, how to solve this problem? Today, we come to Jinan printing factory to see this.
  1. Ink.
  塑料凹印油墨如果细度不够,颜料颗粒过大或混杂有颗粒杂质,会导致刀丝的出现。因此,应选择质量较好的油墨,颜料颗粒应小于10 m,应加入到油墨系统的过滤装置中,并经常检查它,以免杂质在油墨粗颗粒中损坏印版和刮刀。
  If the fineness of plastic gravure printing ink is not enough, the pigment particles are too large or mixed with particle impurities, which will lead to the appearance of cutter wire. Therefore, the ink with good quality should be selected, and the pigment particles should be less than 10 m, which should be added to the filter device of the ink system, and it should be checked frequently to avoid impurities damaging the printing plate and scraper in the ink coarse particles.
  2. Doctor blade.
  Scraper is an important part of plastic intaglio printing, which should be made of compact material and moderate hardness. Generally speaking, the hard blade produces more steel wire than the soft blade. When the blade of the blade damages the notch, the regular left and right moving ink will be produced on the substrate. The clearance of the fine scraper can be polished with fine sandpaper until it is smooth. If there is a large clearance, it needs to be replaced. Therefore, the installation of the doctor blade needs to be flat, and the front blade needs to be carefully checked to see if there is a gap. After the doctor blade is carefully ground, if there is a phenomenon in the printing process, the grinding must be stopped without oil.
  3. Printed board.
  The surface finish and hardness of chromium plate have an important influence on the production of steel wire. Plastic gravure ink pigment is generally dispersed in the particle state of the connecting materials. In the printing process, the ink is full of mesh, the excess ink is scraped off by the scraper, and at the same time, it continuously rubs the plate surface. If the surface hardness of chromium plating layer is not enough, it is easy to be scratched by rough ink and produce steel wire. In addition, the processing accuracy and installation accuracy of the drum shall be strictly controlled to prevent eccentricity exceeding the standard, so as not to affect the production of scraper and high-speed printing wire rod.
  另外,印刷车间的温度、湿度和空气清洁度也会影响刀丝的外观。如果温度太高,溶剂挥发太快,油墨干燥太快,如果湿度太大,油墨溶解、粘度大,刮墨困难,这两种情况都容易造成刀丝的出现。因此,在印刷过程中,温度控制在18 ~ 23℃,湿度控制在50 ~ 60%。
  In addition, the temperature, humidity and air cleanliness of the printing workshop will also affect the appearance of the cutting wire. If the temperature is too high, the solvent volatilizes too fast, the ink dries too fast, if the humidity is too high, the ink dissolves, the viscosity is large, and the ink scraping is difficult, both of these two situations are easy to cause the appearance of the cutter wire. Therefore, in the printing process, the temperature is controlled at 18 ~ 23 ℃, and the humidity is controlled at 50 ~ 60%.
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