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  Now many enterprises choose color printing for the convenience of their choice. Why do they choose color printing.
  The current color printing is to use lithography. The printing plate is coated with the ink of color materials, which can be printed through the plate device. When printing, only the image of the ink friendly part is transferred to the paper to form the impression. Lithography, lithography and offset are lithography. It is based on the principle of "oil and water do not mix" to achieve printing. Color printing is fast and convenient, and it is a good aesthetic, and it is a choice to do a lot of publicity.
  1. 如果彩色地图需要大面积纯黑色背景,建议使用K:100, C:30。这样的黑色印花比同色的黑色更鲜亮。当然这个数字不是固定的,我曾经做过一个对开的海报,用的是K:100, C:80,这是因为面积太大,印刷机速度快,很难使颜色立体,所以数值也相应增加了。此外,如果有一个暖色模式对整个画面有羽毛的边缘,或有一个温暖的基调透明度,然后根据实际值调整主要温暖的色调,如K: 100年,M: 60, Y: 70年,过渡模式是非常舒适的一部分,不像K奇怪:100。你可以在PHOTOSHOP中看到。
  1. if the color map needs a large area of pure black background, it is recommended to use K:100 and C:30. This black print is brighter than that of the same color. Of course, this number is not fixed. I used to make a split poster with k:100 and c:80. This is because the area is too large and the printing machine is fast, so it is difficult to make the color three-dimensional, so the number has increased accordingly. In addition, if there is a warm color mode with feathers on the edge of the whole picture, or a warm tone transparency, and then adjust the main warm colors according to the actual values, such as K: 100, M: 60, Y: 70, the transition mode is a very comfortable part, unlike K strange: 100. You can see it in Photoshop.
  2. 反白字或反白细线的混色图案。在选择字体(或英镑的行数),注意不要使用歌曲的风格,薄圆等等太细的字体,尝试使用粗体、隶书和其他明显的字体,设置的版本是不允许的,文本或线看不见。
  2. Mixed color pattern of anti white characters or anti white thin lines. In selecting font (or the number of lines in pounds), pay attention not to use the style of songs, thin circles and other fonts too thin, try to use bold, official script and other obvious fonts, the version set is not allowed, and the text or line can not be seen.
  3. Jinan printing factory makes small labels. If you need to roll boxes, punch holes and other things, please pay attention not to design the outer frame as much as possible. Because, if the position of the steel plate in the rolling box slightly deviates, there will be a small situation on one side.
  4. Attention should be paid to the printing design of magazines, newspapers and offset papers. Both newsprint and tapes should be eaten. Therefore, in addition to the number of grids in films, attention should be paid to reducing the corresponding chromaticity during production. For example, newspapers, you need to see gray level 30. So when I set gray level 24 or so, the actual effect of some gray newsprint is equivalent to 30 gray level. (double) the offset paper is whiter than the newsprint, and the adjustment color can be lower than that of the ordinary copper plate printing and higher than that of the draft of the newspaper.
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