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  Jinan label printing factory teaches you how to remove self-adhesive stains:
  1. Tear off the self-adhesive decoration pasted on the commodity surface, use warm water (hot in winter) wet towel to wipe twice in the traces of the self-adhesive; then use warm and wet towel to beat on the soap, and wipe several times in the traces; finally, use clean warm and wet towel to wipe off the soapy water and remove the traces stuck on it.
  2. Use toothpaste to stick the surface evenly for one minute, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Sometimes it sticks a lot. It's very stable, but there is no clear trace on the toothpaste, and you can also remove the sticker that makes you headache. The principle is that toothpaste contains glycerin, which is a good solution. Toothpaste dissolves the composition of adhesive, and many other cosmetics also contain glycerin, which can also be used as a clear adhesive.
  3. Again: paper pencil sharpener, suitable for glass, ceramic tile and other hard surfaces, external use of alcohol after use, suitable for glass, ceramic tile, clothing and so on; after freezing the sticker, you can directly extract it, suitable for not using alcohol from scratch, etc.
  4. It is said that the effect can be very good if the sticker can also be used to delete the hot air blower, rather than plastic, thermoplastic deformation.
  5. Blow the hot air pipe. The effect is very good. It's convenient at home. Everyone has a basic hair dryer. No matter how many times the adhesive paper, glass, plastic, wood, metal and air pipe are blown back and forth, the tearing edge is torn and the small side in the direction of blowing the hot air pipe is good.
  6. 用橡皮擦。7. 这种水的工业用途是干净的,容易去除。
  6. Use an eraser. 7. The industrial use of this water is clean and easy to remove.
  以上是济南标签印刷厂家为大家介绍的如何去除不干胶标签污渍,想要了解更多内容,欢迎访问网站:http://www.jnurs.comThe above is how to remove self-adhesive label stains introduced by Jinan label printing factory. For more information, please visit the website: