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Handbags are simple bags made of paper, plastic, non-woven industrial paperboard, it is generally used in the display of products, or gifts are placed in the gift, now, plastic handbags are everywhere in our daily life, some of the quality is good, some of the quality is good, some of the raw materials are different, the quality is also different. Somewhat different. Next, we will give you a detailed analysis.
Polyethylene is the raw material of plastic handbags. Polyethylene is a white waxy solid, translucent, almost odorless, non-toxic, and easy to crystallize. Polyethylene consists of high elastic state of partial crystallization and amorphous form.
Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is suitable for blow molding bottle body, extruded hose for condiment, medicine and other packaging. Its impact strength, stress cracking and HDPE are similar, but its transparency, hardness and processability are between HDPE and LDPE. The tensile strength and durability of all polyethylene are better, especially suitable for packaging film, its thickness can be reduced by 20% compared with low density polyethylene, is a very promising plastic packaging materials.
HDPE has good heat resistance, poor transparency, flexibility and processing performance, poor carbamate resistance, low gloss, suitable for purchasing containers, pallets, large barreled fresh milk, chemical products and other turnover packaging.
Foamed polyethylene can be divided into sheets, plates, tubes, strips and pieces. It is widely used in packaging any shape goods, especially electronic products, such as computers, televisions, sound, speakers, etc. it belongs to environmental protection type. Its characteristics are good elasticity and toughness. It can also make lifejackets, floating boards, travelling bags, hats and so on.
To sum up, plastic handbags have good transparency, but poor air tightness, low tensile strength, and high temperature is not high, chemical resistance, solvent resistance is not as good as high-density polyethylene, easy to swell oil absorption, so that the product viscosity. In addition, handbag design generally requires simple and generous, handbag design, handbag printing process in front of the company's logo and company name, or with the company's business philosophy, should not be designed too complex, can deepen the impression of consumers on the company or products, get a good publicity effect, handbag printing It plays a great role in expanding sales, setting up famous brand, stimulating purchase desire and enhancing competitiveness.