来源:   日期:2019-12-12


  As we all know, today's society has developed to all goods are packaging, packaging needs printing. Printing is one of the important means to decorate and process product packaging, and printing has the function of transmitting information and understanding product information. Because of the rapid development of the industry, the fierce market competition, the competition of enterprises to reduce the price of products, and to find a way from the cost of raw materials and auxiliary materials, it is easy to lead to low purchase of printing materials, harmful, not conducive to environmental protection. In order to reduce the cost of vicious competition and reduce the pollution of people and environment, we should start from the packaging and printing enterprises themselves. Here is a brief introduction to the relationship between Jinan packaging printing and life:
  The development of economy and the protection of environment are the inevitable prominent contradictions of the traditional economy. To fundamentally solve this contradiction, we should realize the transformation from the traditional economy to the circular economy as soon as possible on the road, and realize the sustainable consumption from the consumption mode. With the rapid development of packaging and printing industry, we should pay attention to the overall planning of industry structure, efficiency and quality.
  Vigorously developing green packaging printing is the embodiment of circular economy in packaging printing industry, the essence of developing circular economy and the requirement of sustainable development, and a powerful measure to establish a conservation oriented society and promote the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. As a member of the packaging and printing industry, we should understand from a strategic perspective, grasp the importance and urgency of developing circular economy with a global perspective, and further enhance the awareness and sense of responsibility of enterprises. It is imperative to develop green packaging and printing!
  The above is about the relationship between Jinan packaging printing and life. I hope it can help you. If you need printing and packaging, please call us, our company is worth your choice.