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  Self-adhesive label is called self-adhesive label material. It refers to the finished product label made of paper, film or special material with self-adhesive on the back and silicon protective paper as the base. When using, it is necessary to take paper from the bottom, quiet, and can release the emergence of various substrates. It can also use labeling machine to actively label on the production line. Compared with traditional printing, the printing of sticker labels is a big difference. The sticker labels are usually printed in the label link processing, and the process is completed at one time, such as flat printing, die cutting, waste, cutting a Hefu roll and so on.
  It can be seen that self-adhesive has higher requirements for printing technology and printing equipment; the traditional self-adhesive label is used, which has the advantages of no need to brush, no paste, no water, no pollution, saving labeling time, and so on. It has a wide range of applications, convenience and rapidity.
  1、特殊标签:冷冻生鲜食品、净化室、产品拆卸、品牌产品高温伪标印刷或条码印刷;2. 纸质标签:超市零售、服装吊牌、物流标签、商品标签、火车票、药品标签产品打印或条码打印;3、合成纸及塑料标签:电子配件、手机、电池、电器产品、化工产品、户外广告、汽车配件、纺织品或条码打印;我们都知道一种商品,不管是食品、饮料、药品、办公用品、卫生用品等。标签对商品的影响是巨大的。它是吸引顾客注意力的个标志,也是使商品从货架上脱颖而出的重要外衣。
  1. Special labels: frozen fresh food, decontamination room, product disassembly, brand product high temperature false mark printing or bar code printing; 2. paper label: supermarket retail, clothing tag, logistics label, commodity label, train ticket, drug label product printing or bar code printing; 3, paper and plastic label: electronic accessories, mobile phones, batteries, electrical products, chemical products, outdoor advertising, steam. Car accessories, textiles or bar code printing; we all know a commodity, whether it's food, beverage, medicine, office supplies, hygiene supplies, etc. The impact of labels on goods is enormous. It is the first sign to attract customers' attention, and also an important cloak for making goods stand out from shelves.
  Whether it is fashionable or classic, the label on the packaging is to meet the needs of customers, so that customers'goods have the most beautiful and attractive packaging. So when we see these attractive tags, besides their beauty, it can't ignore their simple and clear information. Today's technology tends to be high value-added high-end brands, whose value-for-money features greatly improve the quality of products and help customers better show you their products.
  以上内容由济南标签印刷厂家为大家介绍的“不干胶标签如何贴在产品包装盒的背面”相关内容,本文来源:http://www.jnurs.comThe above content is introduced by the label printing manufacturer to introduce the "sticker label on the back of the product packaging box". The source: