来源:   日期:2018-10-17


When designing gift boxes, we should pay attention to the following points: first, the correspondence between color and packaging; second, the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key to the use of color. The following Xiaobian gives you a presentation of the color techniques in the gift box design.
First, the coloring of color and packaging.
(1) From the industry, food packaging normal color with its main color turquoise, pink to express such a warm and intimate feeling. Of course, many of them use green tea, a lot of beverages, a lot of green and blue, a lot of wine, cakes and other red, a lot of children's food with rosy.
(2) As far as food is concerned, cakes and pastries are often golden and light colored, which gives people the impression of fragrance; tea and beer drinks are often red or green, which symbolizes the rich and fragrant of tea; tomato and apple juices are often red, which indicates the natural attributes of the product.
Two, the contrast between color and color.
(1) the contrast of color use.
This is the most frequently used color in packaging design and the most widely used. The so-called contrast between depth and shade, should refer to the use of color in the design of two shades of color at the same time ingeniously appear on a screen, resulting in a more coordinated visual effect.
(2) The use of color contrast in the use of packaging color, is also one of the important reproduction techniques. This kind of contrast, often with light and elegant background color foil out of the solemn and deep theme patterns, or in the solemn and deep theme patterns. It shows the theme and name of light and elegant packaging, as well as trademark or advertising language.
(3) Point-to-point color contrast (or size contrast) This contrast, mainly in the design process of a packaging screen, the use of pigments from a center or focus point to the overall picture of the contrast, that is, the contrast between small and large-scale pictures.
The above is some color matching skills in the design of gift boxes, hoping to help you.