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  Jinan calendar printing paper type selection, paper selection also has a great impact on the comfortable hand, paper selection will affect the quality of subsequent albums, the choice of desktop calendar printing what kind of paper type selection, more appropriate?
  Double-sided copperplate paper
  Normally, there will be a light white coating on the surface of double-copperplate printing paper. Most of this kind of printing paper has a good handle. It will be cleaner with the naked eye and will produce light refraction when it meets light, so it will appear more.
  Double-sided adhesive printing paper
  What we are talking about here is that double-sided adhesive printing paper is usually ordinary printing paper. The surface of this kind of printing paper looks white, and the paper is mostly good. Besides brochure printing, people also like to use it as printing paper.
  Powder Printed Paper
  Matt paper is also a kind of printing paper widely used in calendar printing products. This kind of printing paper has moderate thickness, no other smoothness of printing paper, most of the surface will have Matt effect, and is also a kind of high-quality printing paper. It is suitable for calendar printing products.
  Questions needing attention in desk calendar printing:
  One is the font problem.
  (1) Some font libraries have different descriptions. The output of the overlapping strokes will be overlapped. Be careful!
  (2) Paragraph text containing special characters in Chinese and English is prone to problems, such as (?,@,,) and so on.
  (3) A new standard GBK lexicon is adopted to solve the problem of rare word loss.
  (4) The font is too thin, it is better not to use more than three color mixtures, such as (C10M30Y80), which is also not suitable for white words in dark background. Inevitably, you need to check the following white words and apply the basic color to approximate the color or some printing monochrome (usually black K).
  The Problem of Progressive Change
  Common problems are: red black gradient, setting errors: (M100 K100) in the middle will be ugly! The correct setting should be as follows: (M100 M100K100) If you carefully analyze it, you will understand, and so on.
  (2) Transparent gradient can be applied to network graphics or gray images, but can not use finished product output, because the spatial mixing mode is RGB, the screen mixing color is too different from the printed CMYK. Give enough attention.
  (3) The gradual change of the black part is not too low, such as 5% black. Because black overprint is chosen when output, less than 10% black is usually used instead of overprint, which causes problems. Similarly, the use of pure light black should also be careful.
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