来源:   日期:2019-08-31


For us, we often hear the word "picture album printing" in our daily life. In fact, the products printed by picture albums are generally more beautiful. We often see some information we want from some exquisite picture albums, which gives readers a new vision and can attract people's attention. Therefore, in recent years, many businesses have done so. They will choose to print the products into exquisite picture albums, so as to achieve an objective propaganda. Similarly, we need to pay attention to a lot of things in the process of making picture albums, and it is very important to strictly guarantee the quality of the products. So when printing picture albums, we usually need to pay attention to those links. Let's go in and learn about them together.
First of all, we need to observe how strict the quality of this sample sheet is. We can carry out sampling inspection in the process of printing. When the formal printing is not very long, we need to determine the amount of ink supplied by the printing machine. Is the amount of water used somewhat different? It is necessary to do more sampling inspection. If not, we can do it at any time. Adjustment also requires that the printing speed of the manufacturer can not be changed. Otherwise, the aesthetic feeling of the printing is not good. Then we need to insert warning notes in the printing process, so that we can check the amount of water.
In the early stage of printing, we should observe the amount of water, see if there are duplicates or water carriers in the process of printing. If there is any, we should adjust it in time. We should observe the heat of printing equipment and the ventilation effect of production workshop. These problems need our attention.
Another thing we need to pay attention to is the change of ink, whether it is compiled or not, and the amount is insufficient, to avoid ink drying on the machine, to prevent ink uneven.
The last point is that we should pay attention to avoid duplication in the process of printing, which is not beautiful and can not be used. We can choose to print several times to see if the paper can be printed. Check the tension of the rubber cloth, the new rubber cloth is easy to relax, pay attention to tightening step by step, but not too tight. There is also the adjustment of teeth. Poor regulation and improper maintenance of teeth are one of the major causes of duplication. Therefore, the regulation and maintenance of teeth should be done regularly to keep them in good working condition. At the end of printing, attention should be paid to confirming the print number. At the end of printing, it should be confirmed whether the printing number is in accordance with the production and construction orders. If there is a shortage to be reprinted, the production management personnel shall be notified and the reprinting shall be arranged in time.