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Green printing refers to the printing with harmony with the environment, including the use of green printing materials, the clean process of printing consumption, the harmlessness of printing products to users, and the recycling and disposal of printing products and recyclable applications. That is to say, the whole process of printing material selection, consumption, utilization and recycling should meet the requirements of environmental protection. Green printing should also have the following characteristics:
(1) From the point of view of its purpose, it should be conducive to the maintenance of natural resources, and strive to achieve harmless or less damage to the ecological environment;
(2) From the point of view of consumption cost, it includes not only the traditional material cost, but also the extra cost caused by environmental pollution caused by printing behavior, that is, the ecological cost.
(3) From the point of view of the function process, it runs through the whole process of the composition and application of printing products. Not only the products consumed are green, but also the working environment of consumers should be green. Printing industry in China paid less attention to this aspect before.
(4) It is a dynamic concept. With the progress of science and technology, the demand for environmental protection is also increasing. The standard of green printing should keep up with the demand for industrial consumption in the period.
Development Status of Green Printing
In recent decades, China's printing industry has made remarkable achievements, but compared with the prosperous countries, there are still some gaps, especially in the application level of advanced printing technology and printing equipment, printing design forms and concepts. In the field of green printing, many countries are actively working towards the request of international environmental protection organizations. In contrast, China has lagged behind in this respect. There are the following problems.
(1) Although people's awareness of environmental protection has been generally strengthened in recent years, and the understanding of green printing in the printing industry has made great progress compared with previous years, due to various reasons, most printing enterprises still lack the courage to do everything first-hand, talk much, do little, and the effect is not good.
(2) Some national environmental norms related to packaging and printing are mostly recommendatory norms, which are not enforced.
(3) Printing industry has its own particularity. There are many auxiliary materials used in consumption, so it is very difficult to find and clean up pollution sources. Moreover, the environmental awareness of the supplier of auxiliary information and the level of environmental protection of information also directly affect the development of green printing.
(4) China's printing industry has entered a period of low profit. It is difficult for small and medium-sized printing enterprises to accept the extra investment cost brought by green printing.