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First, the pressure of the drum should be adjusted properly in the printing of food packaging bags. If there is a slight carelessness in the printing of the packaging bags, the rubber will be rolled; if the ink color is too heavy and the solid bottom is too large, it is easy to stick the rubber or stick the ink roll. Therefore, the pressure of the drum should be reduced before printing, and the inner lining of the rubber should be reduced. In order to prevent rubber from sticking and rolling, some additives or rutting adhesives should be added to the ink. At the same time, it should be good to prevent double sheets, multiple sheets and paper from tilting, so as to ensure that the average pressure does not roll the rubber.
Shan informs you that ordinary customers of paper and color will be sure of their use before making printed matter, understand the request or provide design manuscripts, so that the paper and color aspects are fundamentally affirmed, so in order to reach the design request or meet the customer's display needs, printing process is very important:
Punching: Punching a hole in a sheet of paper or N sheets of paper according to the size requested, with a special punch.
Embossing and embossing: The technology of embossing, which relies on pressure to change part of the printed object to form a pattern, is that the metal plate becomes the embossing plate and the bottom plate stop pressing after being corroded. There are two kinds of cheap common etching plate and expensive laser engraving plate.
It is a spring-like object, most of which are made of plastic. It is commonly used on the spine of calendar and notebook, and it is used for turning pages.
Beer: The pronunciation of Guangdong is "turtle", which means moulding.
Jin Cong: It is to put a layer of glue on the paper first and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue.
Ultraviolet, UV is abbreviated as "UV transparent oil" is the full name, that is to rely on ultraviolet light to dry dry curing ink. Usually UV is a screen printing process, but now there are offset UV.
Overgluing: Press a transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including crystal film, light film and matte film. Many central terms are somewhat different and not environmentally friendly.
Pinhole: also known as needle thread, dental floss, is to press a semi-cohesive line to paper, usually presented at the opening of the packaging.
Gold stamping: The scientific name is hot press transfer printing, referred to as hot transfer printing, commonly known as gold stamping and silver stamping. There's also a cold offset.
Flocking: It's to put a layer of gum on the paper and then paste a similar layer of fluff to make the paper look and feel.
The three elements of printing are paper, color and process.
Paper: Paper can be classified into coated paper and non-coated paper. Coated paper generally refers to copper plate paper (smooth copper) and matte paper (matte copper), mostly used for color printing; non-coated paper refers to offset paper, newsprint, mostly used for letter paper, envelope and newspaper printing.
Colour: Ordinary printing is made of yellow, magenta, blue, black four-color impression, in addition to printing spot color.
Post-processing: Post-processing includes many processes, such as gluing (film coating), UV, oil, stamping, bumping and so on, which helps to improve the printing level.
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