来源:   日期:2018-10-12


With the development of the times, some items in gift boxes need to be stored in freezing packages. When they are put forward from the freezing environment, the surface of the gift boxes will inevitably condense. At this time, we need to understand some anti-mildew measures. The following is a brief introduction to how the gift boxes can effectively prevent mildew.
1. Keep gift boxes sealed in warehouses or factories. Otherwise, it is easy to get damp in rainy season, foggy weather or areas with large temperature difference between day and night. Material warehouse and finished product warehouse should be inspected regularly. Storehouse items should not be piled on the ground. They should be placed on the material rack. All materials should be kept clean, clean and tidy, and the number of bacteria in the warehouse workshop should be reduced.
2. Gift box from the ground must be left a gap, you can use the wooden shelf, there is a certain flow of air below the space, so as to avoid the impact of moisture on the ground. Fabrics and packages should not be piled directly on the floor, should be separated by pallets, and more than 10CM away from the wall, do not rely on materials or materials on the wall, materials such as materials contact the wall will bring the risk of dampness and mildew.
3. If there are conditions, you can choose to buy a dehumidifier, the general production of air conditioning manufacturers have gift box warehouse dehumidifier sales, which is a relatively simple and fundamental method of mildew prevention. Warehouse because of attention to ventilation, when the outdoor humidity is greater than indoor humidity, close doors and windows, on the contrary, open doors and windows, record humidity, temperature changes, if the humid season indoor relative humidity heavy rain equals 80%, should install dehumidification equipment, in order to reduce the risk of dampness and mildew products.
Because gift boxes are an extension of the social needs of a packaging function. So it not only has the function of packaging, but also highlights a part of the role to a certain extent, which shows that it is necessary to do a good job in the gift box moisture protection work.