来源:   日期:2019-06-19

1. The color of packaging:
More than 80% of the information comes from vision. If the designer's grasp and application of packaging color can directly reflect some characteristics of the inherent goods, this kind of goods will probably become the preferred commodity for buyers.
According to the inherent color of commodities or the attributes of commodities, the use of visual color is an important means of color design. Food packaging such as cakes and snacks is mostly yellow, tea, coffee, whiskey, beer and other beverages are mostly brown, and Lemon Shampoo packaging in cosmetics is designed to be lemon yellow. These reproduce the color of packaging by using the color of commodity itself, which can give people the most homologous associations of things, thus giving the impression of a basic concept of the inner goods.
Of course, there is also the opposite phenomenon, some design experts boldly use color contrast to achieve better and more surprising results, but if the scale is not mastered well, it will be counterproductive.
2. Packaging pattern:
The combination of patterns should be considered from three aspects: first, the way of organization; second, the theme of expression; third, the style of display. In terms of organization, geometric composition, Abstract composition, and figurative or physical composition are commonly used. At present, most of the people who use geometric or abstract composition are cosmetics or daily necessities. The concrete or physical structure is the most popular in food packaging. Some simply open a window to the packaging, or use transparent plastic bags to show people the inner goods directly. On the subject of expression, although the way of expression is different, the purpose is very clear. In the form of combination, some give prominence to characters, some give prominence to objects, and some give consideration to both. No matter what form it takes, it must be connected with the internal objects in order to show the distinctness of the theme. In terms of theme expression, we should also pay attention to simplifying and simplifying, whether it is text or pattern, and strive to achieve a single pattern, prominent theme, concise and clear.
3. The connotation of packaging:
Mainly manifested in the packaging appeal, the interesting picture, and the organic combination of product image and corporate culture. In addition, the beautification of packaging is also an indispensable important factor for good packaging, mainly including: first, the beauty of color, second, the exquisite design, third, the exquisite packaging production, three indispensable.