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不干胶印刷模切的方式 跟我们普通的卡纸和铜板卡等还是有区别的,由于不干胶材质是带粘性的,有透明材质和塑料材质,材质不同模切的时分都会有不同等的模切方式。下面我们来看一下影响模切至少有以下三点还是要留意的:

The way of die-cutting for non-adhesive printing is different from our common cardboard and copper card. Because the material of non-adhesive is sticky, transparent and plastic, there will be different ways of die-cutting when the material is different. Next, let's take a look at at at least three points that affect die-cutting.
First, in the selection of the types of fabrics, ordinary printed fabrics are divided into paper and film, but the cutting principle of these two kinds of fabrics is somewhat different. It is necessary to cut the face and adhesive together when die cutting.
But practice is broken only under the dual action of knife and pressure. Sometimes the parting cutter must be more sharp than others, so if we sometimes see some labels with hairy edges, it is because of natural fracture. We have to pay attention to the fact that similar rough edges are strictly unqualified products.
Secondly, the strength of the fabrics is mainly due to the fibers of the fabrics themselves. The humidity and thickness of different fabrics are different, especially in June and June when the weather is affected by Huangmei, the shrinkage of paper is also a little different from the layout. When the die-cutting is stopped, if the humidity of the environment is comparatively large, the strength of the paper material will be weakened after being affected by the environment, and it will be very easy to break. Therefore, when the non-adhesive printing is stopped, we must think reasonably from the strength of the material, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of printing and ensure the quality of printing.
Thirdly, the thickness of the surface material, the paper thickness of different brands or different materials are different, and the thickness is directly related to the effect of die-cutting. If the paper is thick, the easier it is to stop die-cutting, while the paper is thin, it is easy to present the situation of cutting. So when printing, we should not only look at the thickness of the surface material, but also the strength of die cutting.
模切这一工艺是请求比拟高的一门技术,不光是不干胶印刷的模切,画册样本,宣传册样本等有时分都需求应用到模切。模切是一个综合性 复杂性于一体的裁切方式,模切的好与坏直接关系到不干胶印刷所印刷出来产品的好坏程度,所以印刷时就一定要多加注重。
Die-cutting is a technology that requires a high level of comparison. It is not only the die-cutting of non-adhesive printing, but also the sample of picture album and brochure, which are sometimes required to be applied to die-cutting. Die-cutting is a comprehensive and complex cutting method. The quality of die-cutting is directly related to the quality of the products printed by non-adhesive printing, so we must pay more attention to it when printing.
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