来源:   日期:2019-04-26


(1) Printing Planning
Printing planning refers to the design theme, i.e. printing method, layout size, printing subject matter, paper and printing chromatic number, and even the choice of printing and processing plants, so as to ensure the smooth launch of various manufacturing processes and complete the exquisite waste products.
(2) Design and Manufacture Schedule Arrangement
Design and manufacturing itinerary arrangement mainly refers to the copywriting, design and layout planning, also known as the pre-production process. At the same time, photography and illustration drawing should be arranged, and manufacturing time should be negotiated.
(3) Electronic manuscript completion
Electronic manuscript completion refers to the special request instructions that stop sorting out the text, photos, illustrations, correct position and correct color labels, and clearly indicate the special requests for plate making, which is also called pre-operation.
(4) Production output and plate making
Production output and plate-making operations refer to the completion of the manuscript into the system, the use of electronic color separator to stop the color scanning of pictures, and then use black and white camera to stop taking pictures of text, lines, in order to get the correct number of crossings, and text, illustrations, etc. in accordance with the instructions on the finished manuscript, and then stop printing, and then send the color proofing back to the designer to stop correcting.
(5) Stop checking of calibration operations
Correction operation is the last step before printing. It mainly checks whether the color proofing meets the stop procedure indicated on the manuscript. When correcting colored proofing and other corrections, we must carefully write out the detailed and understandable text or position outline in red pen, and correctly convey it to the plate maker so as to avoid unnecessary loss.
(6) Printing operations
The printing line will transfer the corrected four-color screen to a printing plate and send it to the printing machine to start the formal printing. If you want to get the ideal printing waste, you should first understand the printing elements, fully understand many variable elements, so as to ensure the quality of waste.
(7) Binding
Binding is the last procedure of printing waste. The most common single sheet is cutting, pressing and folding. As for binding, it depends on the number of pages, the variety of paper used, the degree of delicacy and the use method and purpose.