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The Connotation of Green Printing
Green printing is a descriptive and descriptive term for things with two central connotative attributes of environmental friendliness and health. Green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, which produces less pollution, saves resources and energy in the process of printing, and is easy to recycle and reuse after printing is discarded, which is naturally degradable and has little impact on the ecological environment. Printing method. It not only embodies the concept of sustainable development, people-oriented, advanced science and technology level, but also is an important trick to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon economy.
The industrial chain of green printing mainly includes green printing materials, printing graphic design, green plate-making process, green printing process, green post-press processing process, environmentally friendly printing equipment, recycling and regeneration of printing waste, etc. Through the implementation of green printing, the whole supply chain system, including materials, processing, application and consumption, can enter a virtuous circle.
The Concept of Green Printing
Green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, which produces less pollution, saves resources and energy, and is easy to recycle and reuse printed products after they are discarded, which can be degraded naturally and has little impact on the ecological environment. Green printing appeals for harmony with the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, clean printing consumption process, the safety of printed matter to users, and the recycling and disposal of printed matter and recyclable applications. That is to say, the whole life cycle of printed matter from raw material selection, consumption, utilization and recycling should be in line with environmental appeal.
III. Scope of Green Printing
The scope of green printing includes printing consuming equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, consumption process, publications, packaging and decoration, and all kinds of printed products, touching on the whole process of printing product consumption.
Consumer equipment for implementing green printing covers printing consuming equipment touched by printing processes such as lithographic printing, relief printing, gravure printing, orifice printing, digital printing and combination printing.
The range of green printing in lithographic printing process is lithographic printing process and printing products. Printing methods are single lithographic printing and rotary lithographic printing. Printed products mainly include card books, paperback books, binding books, gift boxes, paper bags, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers and so on.
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