来源:   日期:2019-04-17


First point: The cover design of picture album should first emphasize that the book belongs to the style of the enterprise itself. It should have a sense of modernity. Only one or two of the design elements in a cover are dynamic, it can show a strong sense of motion. If all the elements are that kind of messy, in my impression, foreign customers'requests for the cover are concise and need not be messy. Then the cover will not absorb customers, but will make customers hate the design.
Second point: If the enterprise gives you the design elements, and the pictures and words go directly according to the meaning of the customers, then this is not to worry about. When you have no idea of anything, you can find some samples of book design similar to your idea, let the designer find the closest reference, but also see more examples, so that you can not only keep your eyes open, but also improve your personal taste, design will also improve.
Third point: Simple cover can make the intention of expression clear, and clear graphics will have a strong visual impact. Stop decorating with as little complexity as possible. A small cover should not carry too much information, so it will not work. We should grasp what can absorb customers to achieve results.
Fourth point: Some design failures, voice may be a barrier to communication between customers and designers. It is too general to express my ideas in precise words, which leads to errors in the understanding of designers and can not achieve the desired effect. As designers, it is also very demanding to understand.
Fifth point: Elegant and serious, elegant and refined atmosphere, luxurious color without losing the mood of the background pattern, clear hierarchy, common style, sometimes breath, can be a full reflection of the connotation, strong visual impact, giving people space to consider.