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1 Spot Anti-counterfeiting Technology
Also known as dynamic speckle anti-counterfeiting technology, it uses the inherent coherence of laser to control the speckle of its products together by computer, and adjusts the shape and rules of speckle reasonably to make its analogy dynamic. It is also a metal color, not a traditional multicolored spectral color.
2-D Flat Laser Label
Three-dimensional lattice anti-counterfeiting technology makes lattice anti-counterfeiting labels, also known as 3D anti-counterfeiting labels. This technique is similar to photolithographic lattice hologram in anti-counterfeiting. The three-dimensional lattice hologram is also composed of a series of lattices. Since each point of the photolithographic hologram is a grating, all the labels are various modifications of the two-dimensional image. Each point of the three-dimensional lattice hologram is a point hologram, so it can show the depth of space. So it is called three-dimensional lattice hologram anti-counterfeiting. The three-dimensional flash of the real meaning of virtual space quotient completed by him can complete the true color three-dimensional flash of any three-dimensional data.
3. Uncovered or scraped laser digital anti-counterfeiting label
Uncovered or scraped laser anti-counterfeiting label is an organic link between laser holography and digital anti-counterfeiting technology. The greatest advantage is that it restrains the same characteristics of each label of laser label. Together, consumers can easily identify the authenticity of the label. The code behind each label is unique. Consumers can go through the corresponding telephone, website, short message and so on. Methods Textual research.
4 Holographic Lattice Lithography Laser Anti-counterfeiting Label
This kind of label is usually the sum-up application of many laser holographic technologies, such as holographic lattice, multi-channel technology, invisible encryption and so on. The label has good photorefractive effect and relatively high anti-counterfeiting function. Laser tags are widely used in many applications.
5 uncovering anti-counterfeiting labels
This label is a laser anti-counterfeiting label, which uses laser anti-counterfeiting technology to contact special membrane materials to make labels. Yin and Yang film is the connection between laser holography technology and special plate making technology. Its label feature is that it is not different from laser label in appearance, but it is affixed to the product or packaging. When it is uncovered, a part of the content will be left on the product, and a predetermined image or text will appear.
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