来源:   日期:2019-03-27


  Ink powdering often occurs in album printing. How can we avoid this phenomenon? Now let Jinan Printing Factory and everyone to learn about it.
  In order to avoid the powdering of printing ink in picture albums, the reasons should be analyzed first.
  (1) In album printing, because the adhesion of ink is too small and the surface of paper is relatively smooth, the ink layer and the surface of paper can not fit well, further leading to the ink layer from the paper surface scratch.
  (2) Because the ink is too thin, the binder is easily absorbed by the paper, and a large number of binders penetrate into the paper, which makes the binder and pigment components separate from each other, resulting in the floatation of the pigment particles on the paper surface, the loss of the binder adhesion of the pigments, and the reduction of the degree of the binder, which can not be well adhered to the paper surface, resulting in shedding.
  (3) The use of ink emulsification is serious, not only reduce the viscosity, drying speed, increase permeability, more importantly, the emulsified ink conjunctiva can not be well combined with the paper surface, adhesion is poor, and the film is very weak, slight rubbing will make the film break and fall off.
  (4) Copper plate paper is coated with paint on the base paper. The coatings and the base paper have strong absorbability, and the paper is thicker, which can absorb a large number of binders. In addition, the coating surface is smooth and the pore is very fine. It is impossible to inhale the pigments together. It plays a role of filter layer, which causes the pigments particles to float on the paper surface and fall off due to the lack of linking materials.
  These are the possible reasons for the powdering of printing ink in picture albums. Now that we have found the reasons, the next step is to analyze the method.