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  Handbags are a packaging component of many products or high-end packaging. With handbags, people will feel the whole product more complete. How to make an effect map at the design stage so that decision makers can feel the final effect of the whole product in advance, and decide whether to make a handbag for this product.
  For many businesses, gifts, documents, books or their own products used in business need handbags to store. Handbags are quite suitable, and the single cost is not high. However, the quality and quality requirements of handbag printing are still very high. Therefore, this kind of printing can display the company's relevant information more intuitively. The most intuitive concern of consumers is the content of our handbag printing. Therefore, the problems that may be encountered in the process of printing handbags are as follows:
  First, the ink used in handbag printing is pure water-based system. Do not mix the ink with alcohol ink and solvent-based ink or add organic solvents in the ink, so as to avoid printing quality problems.
  Secondly, the printability of ink is affected by the objective conditions such as printing conditions, the surface characteristics of the substrate, environmental temperature and humidity, and the length of storage time of ink. Therefore, when using ink, it is necessary to use some additives to fine-tune ink to obtain the best printing effect.
  3. Remaining ink on printing equipment should be washed with clean water as far as possible before drying. Inks that cannot be washed with clean water can be cleaned with detergent.
  Fourth, the volatilization of water in printing process will lead to the increase of ink viscosity and the decrease of PH value. PH value should be controlled between 8.5 and 9.5. If it exceeds this range, PH stabilizer can be used to adjust it to maintain the stability of viscosity and PH value.
  5. The remaining ink from printing can be retrieved from the original barrel and tightly covered. It can be reused next time.
  6. The optimum storage temperature for ink is 5-50 degrees Celsius.
  Dilutants: Used to reduce the viscosity of ink. When the dosage is less than 3%, the color depth of the ink will not be reduced, and the PH value of the ink will remain unchanged. Adding more diluents or using high hardness tap water to dilute will lead to the formation of bubbles, and defoamer can be added to defoam at the same time. The diluent should be added slowly while stirring to avoid low viscosity.
  8. Slow drying agent: used to reduce the drying speed of ink, dosage less than 10%.
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