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  Packaging printing is based on various packaging materials as the carrier of printing, on the packaging printed decorative patterns, pictures or text, in order to make products more attractive or more illustrative, and then play a role in transmitting information and increasing sales. It includes printing of packing cartons, bottles and cans. Packaging and printing occupies a large proportion in both printing and packaging professions, and is an indispensable part of packaging engineering.
  There are many kinds of packaging color boxes on the market, and the quality is uneven. The color box printing planning of brand merchants is not innovative and the quality is too hard. The planning and quality of general color boxes are relatively different. The same is the packaging color box, in the case of little price difference, why the quality difference is very far?
  These are the main elements of the resolution.
  I. Ink Difference Resolution
  The quality of ink in packaging color box printing determines the quality of printed words and pictures. As mentioned earlier, the ink used by the printer is also very different. A good printer needs to equip with the same ink, while a slightly lower price printer is an equal price ink.
  2. Resolution on equipment differences.
  High-quality and high-precision printing machines can not only improve printing efficiency, but also print high-quality printed matter. Prices of printing machines vary greatly. The prices of imported machines with high precision may be tens of millions. On the contrary, the prices of ordinary printing machines may be less than millions.
  3. Resolution on data differences.
  印刷采用的纸张一般分为胶版纸,如一般的复印纸、书写纸;铜版纸,哑粉纸,200g以上厚度的称为卡,如铜板卡等,大部分用于画册和广告五颜六色单;白 板纸,白卡纸,大部分用于纸质吊牌;还有无碳复写纸、不干胶纸、硫酸纸、特种纸、还有吊牌的面纸、芯纸、牛卡纸等。
  Printing paper is generally divided into offset paper, such as general copy paper, writing paper; copper plate paper, dumb powder paper, more than 200 g thick called cards, such as copper cards, most of which are used for picture albums and advertising colorful single; white board paper, white cards, most of which are used for paper hanging cards; and carbon-free copy paper, dry adhesive paper, sulfuric acid paper, special paper, as well as face paper and core of hanging cards. Paper, cardboard, etc.
  The same paper, divided into general sheet and special paper, special paper will obviously be more expensive, even between the general sheet is also very different in price, the general product of the same color, the same style, different brands, prices are completely different, this is never the same thing. Ordinary paper is the same. Paper with high price has better gloss smoothness and ink absorption. The printing effect is naturally more beautiful.