来源:   日期:2019-02-21


  The printing suitability of different paper boxes is quite different. If we do not take appropriate technological measures according to the material conditions, it will bring some problems to normal production. But even if the same type of paper products are used, the quality and printing adaptability of base paper will be different due to the differences in materials and processes between different brands or manufacturers. If some white cardboard, white cardboard and glass cards are acidic, ink drying is slow after printing, which will lead to difficulties in overprinting of semi-finished products and a significant increase in the rate of unqualified products; some low-grade white cardboard and glass cardboard have poor surface strength and are prone to quality failures such as powder dropping, hair dropping, foaming or delamination in the printing process.
  Because printing paper is mostly determined by customers, printing enterprises are often in a passive accommodation state. But even if we are faced with the unsatisfactory paper products that customers choose in order to reduce costs, we should also carefully design the printing process in order to improve the quality as much as possible. After years of practice, Yicai Packaging and Printing Factory has gained some experience, which I would like to share with you.
  Printing acid cardboard should use fast-drying and fast-fixing ink.
  For cardboard with poor surface strength, the viscosity of ink should be adjusted to reduce the printing pressure and speed.
  If the multi-color printing unit is used and the color set is redundant, the pre-color set can be emptied and air-imprinted first to remove the paper powder and wool, so as to avoid or reduce the quality failure.
  For products with dumb film after printing, it is not necessary to choose too expensive ink, such as high gloss ink, because the greatest advantage of high gloss ink is high gloss of the printing ink layer, but the product will cover the high gloss of the ink layer after dumb film coating, so using high gloss ink for film coating products will cause waste.
  We should pay attention to the process design of overprint sequence, for example, when printing black text, letters or lines on yellow or red background, black text, letters or lines should be printed first, and then yellow or red background should be printed on them. This can not only reflect the advantages of each color, but also avoid frictional damage to the printing ink layer.