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  The album planning is not a work that can be traced in vain. On the contrary, the album planning should follow certain rules and methods. The planner of the album should also have certain talent and essence. Overall, album planners should have three abilities: the basic of plane color physiology, the ability of sketching, and the learning of traditional courses.
  First step: Starting from point, line and surface, grasp the foundation of plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional composition, perspective and so on; I have objective visual experience, establish the basis of rational thinking, grasp the physiological rules of vision, understand the concept of planning elements.
  Step 2: Graphic planners should be able to draw sketches. According to a survey report, we know that graduates of planning major should possess "excellent sketches and freehand drawing abilities. As planning should possess fast and unrestrained visual graphics expressive abilities. Painting art is the source of planning, and planning sketches are the paper-based way of thinking. We have reason to believe that painting is plane planning. Fundamentals of Planning, Fundamentals of Planning! "
  The third step is to study traditional courses systematically and comprehensively, such as pottery, printmaking, watercolor, oil painting, photography, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, right and wrong painting, etc. It strengthens the practical, expressive and aesthetic abilities of planning, understands what art is, and discovers your own characteristics. Although this is a long and chaotic process, perseverance can have a good effect.
  The "three steps" summarized above is the essence of traditional album planning. In reality, people should make reasonable changes according to their actual situation. Album planning is a "long way to go" and "cumbersome and chaotic" process, not overnight, overnight work, planners should persevere, perseverance, in order to reach the "victory" of the other side. If we want to make the layout look beautiful and generous, we must pay attention to the use of axisymmetric method at the binding for a long time. Based on this, the layout will often have a sense of grandeur and integrity, which will bring fresh impact on the vision. The symmetrical layout, which takes the binding as the axis, divides and closes the external part, expands and converges, or forms the expansion of the layout and the opening book, or strengthens the exploitation of centripetal force, has a stable effect.
  Leave a blank properly
  The so-called blank space is to make a blank area in the appropriate layout range, which is a blank area deliberately left out as an artistic aesthetic, and is a reflection of the understanding of modern book layout planning. Appropriately and reasonably leaving a blank can convey the elegant aesthetic interest of planners, break the rigid routine, make the layout clear, open Guangzhou logo planning, jump, fresh, and form a light and pleasant visual impact for readers, and relax their eyesight. Of course, the blank space of Guangzhou logo planning can not be used arbitrarily. Once blank, it must be taken care of and transitional, so as not to form a blank layout in a way.
  The above five points are about the skills of the layout planning of the picture album. If you want to do a good job in the layout planning of the picture album, besides grasping these basic skills, it is also very important for the planner to remember to make specific adjustments according to the actual situation of the enterprise. For example, if the enterprise itself is a planning company, then you can do a variety of things, full of ideas, and if the enterprise is a matter. Business units, you can do a little more formal.