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  In color page printing, two kinds of copperplate paper, copperplate paper and sub-toner paper are often used, 157 grams, 200 grams and 250 grams are commonly used; and the price will vary with the weight of paper; there are still problems of one-sided and two-sided printing of paper, which is much cheaper than double-sided printing, because batch printing can save cost, so one-time printing. The more sheets there are, the lower the price of printing will be.
  In the selection of leaflet printing time, if you want the print to look better, you can increase the film and oil processing technology, can improve the hardness and brightness of the product.
  When choosing Shandong Printing Factory, any details can not be missed, as long as this can ensure the perfect printing effect.
  Shandong Printing Factory
  Color page printing is an offline propaganda way for enterprises and products. For different enterprises, color page printing has different needs and will bring different effects. Here, Shandong Printing Factory shares some common knowledge about enterprise color page printing, hoping to help you.
  1. Planning from the customer's point of view
  Product color printing is finished for customers to see, so planning all for potential customers to consider, to deepen the understanding of the user's mentality, and to play the idea.
  2. Grasp the Essentials of Printing Planning
  Because product color page planners can't compare with our novels and movies, because they have enough space and time to tell a story to the audience. The color pages are different. As long as the size of A4 paper is widespread, the planners also have limited development in limited space. Therefore, for printing enterprises, grasping the key points is the first key point. And all the information and documents are planned around this point.
  No matter how brilliant the color page planning idea, it should conform to the theme of customer enterprise products, but if it violates this theme, it will violate professional energy. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear theme, and to deepen understanding of the needs of the consumer collective. Moreover, the planning of color pages can make full use of circulation lines, harmonious pictures and beautiful words to fully reflect the enterprise's personal style, play a role in publicizing products and image of outstanding products. Therefore, in the process of planning, according to different customer needs, color pages are innovated and broken in the whole.