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  With a horse-riding stapler, the book core with the cover of the set is fastened firmly with two wires on the spine of the book. Because in the set and nailing, the book posts are spread up and down from the center like saddles, so they are called "riding stitches". Binding on horseback is a fast and inexpensive binding method.
  Riding Binding has fast speed and Book opening up to l80. The advantages are often used by the publishing industry. Of course, it also has shortcomings. Here are some things that need to be noticed when designing.
  1. Books bound by horseback should not be too thick, and it is necessary to compose a whole set of books to bind. Thicker books over 64P are not suitable for horseback riding. There are two main binding methods: thread binding and wireless binding. Lock-line binding is a kind of book posts matched, which can be used for books of any thickness. It is strong and easy to read, but the binding speed is slow.
  2. No book back, obscure display and retrieval.
  3. When riding a horse to fix a set of posts, the posts close to the center are easy to be overhead. The degree of overhead is proportional to the thickness of the paper, which results in the width of the back to the opening of the book after trilateral cutting. The pages close to the center are narrower than those close to the cover.
  4. The books and periodicals subscribed by horseback riding are easy to loosen after repeated reading, and the pages close to the center will continue to be overhead.
  The above shortcomings should be paid special attention to and avoided when making books and periodicals with horseback-riding binding.
  Binding magazines are usually horseback-riding, usually with one, two or more horseback-riding nails. One nail is mainly a small hand 65 Ordinary magazines and picture albums use two nails, if it is a large picture album over 8K, there may be two or four nails to be nailed in the fold of the book according to the need. Usually binding is less than 48P, a small amount can reach 64P, depending on the thickness of the paper used in the whole book, if too thick, 7 is suitable for horseback binding. The method of horseback binding is simple and professional. It is widely used in publicizing brochures, news materials, magazines, paintings, etc. Moreover, it has cooperated with the active mechanical equipment in the future, such as horseback binding machine, active folding machine, etc. Its operation efficiency is very high.
  Seam stitching:
  The binding method of sewing and horseback binding is similar to that of horseback binding. Only sewing machine is used to sew the spine of a book. It is applied to the inside pages of books and periodicals, student workbooks and so on. The binding method is stronger than that of horseback binding.
  1. The mounting method of horse-riding nails is to insert steel nails into the spine of the book.
  2. Use the set method of horse-riding order to match the posts.
  3. Binding method for horseback riding. Fixed with steel nails and trilaterally trimmed.