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  The desk calendar will be an effective way for enterprises to publicize. The demand for desktop calendars has also peaked. The publicity time of the calendar is very long, usually one year. The desk calendar can also be used as the carrier of emotional communication between enterprises and customers. Therefore, before the production of the enterprise's printing desk calendar, Jinan desk calendar printing made an analysis for you:
  1. 分析竞争对手。年初一作为印刷生产的高峰期,所以应分析竞争对手,避免与竞争对手制作同类的宣传材料,会大大降低宣传效果。通过个性化的设计和制作给客户留下了深刻的印象。
  1. Analyze competitors. As the peak of printing production, we should analyze competitors to avoid producing the same kind of promotional materials with competitors, which will greatly reduce the publicity effect. Through personalized design and production to customers left a deep impression.
  2. 进行市场调查和分析。通过一定渠道收集和了解目标受众喜欢哪种类型、哪种风格的台历。只有迎合目标受众的口味,才能吸引更多的消费者,达到预期的目标。
  2. Conduct market research and analysis. Collect and understand the type and style of desk calendar preferred by the target audience through certain channels. Only by catering to the taste of the target audience can we attract more consumers and achieve the expected goal.
  3. Fully communicate with the designer. A good desk calendar production must be inseparable from the inspiration and creativity of the designer. The entrusted printing unit and the designer should fully and effectively communicate and express the content they want to express.
  4. 材料的选择和尺寸的确定。台历的材料选择应根据使用时间、年级、受众等因素进行。对于台历的大小,不宜过大,应便于携带,便于摆放。
  4. Material selection and size determination. The selection of calendar materials should be based on the use time, grade, audience and other factors. The size of the desk calendar should not be too large. It should be easy to carry and place.
  Soon, we passed two-thirds of 2017. When you look back on the past, do you also think: how much time has gone away from us?
  A personalized calendar is a calendar made of your own photos or photos you like. Personality desk calendar mainly consists of: desk calendar frame, desk calendar paper and desk calendar circle. The personalized desk calendar set appeared on the market, including the desk calendar frame, 13 pieces of desk calendar paper and desk calendar circle, as well as the desk calendar paper and desk calendar frame take the hole, the printed hand grip ring is OK, convenient and practical.
  Personalized calendar design is also very simple, as long as PS is image processing, you can download a calendar template online. According to the high-end demand, there are many popular e-commerce platform calendars, which can be less customized, but can achieve special processing effects that can not be achieved by manual personalized calendars, such as bronze and silver effects of logo graphics.
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