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  After a long time of design, typesetting and repeated proofreading by the director of Jinan printing factory, the company's brochure was finally finalized and ready for printing. But when the brochure is finished, some customers will ask why the final product of the brochure is not the same color as the electronic manuscript?
  I believe that many people also have such questions, let Jinan printing factory small edition to tell you why there is a color difference between the finished product of the enterprise's brochures and the electronic originals.
  First of all, we need to know that the color displayed on the computer is RGB mode, while the color used for printing is CMYK mode. There is a big difference between the two colors.
  Secondly, different computers have different displays and graphics cards, which will lead to the same color value on different computers. If the designer has experience, the influence of display deviation can be avoided to some extent.
  After the design draft is determined, it is necessary to start printing. From here on, there will be more factors affecting the color difference between the finished product of the enterprise brochure and the electronic draft. Some paper's own color, and the quality of the plate making machine and the plate making experience of the plate making personnel, such as: exposure time, plate washing solution, plate washing, plate health care and other steps, the quality and deployment of ink, printing quality and printing experience will also affect the color difference of the finished product.
  Although there are many factors that will affect the speech of the finished product in the process of printing enterprise brochure, and the existing color difference is inevitable, as long as there are many years of printing industry designers and masters, the color difference and electronic manuscript of the finished product can be greatly reduced.
  A good corporate brochure should pay attention to the positioning of the theme style of the brochure. This is very important. Picture books can be divided into many kinds, such as: Enterprise publicity picture books, product publicity picture books, publicity page picture books, etc. The key to the success of corporate brochure design is the theme orientation of this album. Before the design, we need to communicate with customers friendly and understand customers' needs, including album design style orientation, corporate culture and product characteristics analysis, industrial orientation, graphic operation process, customers' views, etc., and formulate correct design strategies. There is an old saying that goes well: soldiers do not move the first straw. So before the album design, we should also do a good job in communication and cooperation, and work out the appropriate theme style of the album.
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