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  Cosmetic labels are usually used for glass bottles, plastic bottles and hose stickers. The main materials are transparent PE, white PE, PP film, etc. the inner model is used as cosmetics standard and PVC, PET film is used as adhesive. Among them, PE, PP self-adhesive dumb film / dumb oil cosmetics label problems will not float and less bad. PVC is easy to cause shrinkage. Jinan label printing factory suggests that you should use it according to your own design requirements.
  Cosmetic label
  Cosmetic label is also called adhesive label. It is the fabric of paper, film or special material, with adhesive on the back. It is a kind of comprehensive maintenance support and processed into waste label through printing, die cutting, etc. When in use, just peel off the backing paper and press it gently, then it can be pasted on the surface of various base materials, or it can be automatically pasted on the consumer line with the labeling machine. At present, label materials mainly include paper label and film label.
  Specific material classification of cosmetic label1. 镜面铜版纸。这种不干胶标签采用先进的多色产品标签。通常用于医药、食品、电器、文具等物品的信息标签。
  1. Mirror coated paper. This self-adhesive label adopts advanced multi-color product label. Usually used in medicine, food, electrical appliances, stationery and other items of information labels.
  2. 哑光纸、胶印纸等这类不干胶标签多用于标签纸的用途。通常用于高速激光打印、喷墨打印信息标签或条码标签。
  2. Matte paper, offset paper and other self-adhesive labels are mostly used for label paper. Usually used for high-speed laser printing, ink-jet printing information labels or barcode labels.
  3. Fragile paste, the main function is safety and quality, this kind of adhesive label can not be used after tearing. Usually used for anti-counterfeiting of electrical appliances, drugs and other commodities.
  4. 聚乙烯标签,观察材料的外观是透明和明亮的,颜色是乳白色。
  4. Polyethylene label, observe that the appearance of the material is transparent and bright, and the color is milky white.
  5. 热敏纸是一种应用广泛的热敏纸,通常在商品价格上很容易看到。
  5. Thermosensitive paper is a kind of widely used thermosensitive paper, which is usually easy to see in the commodity price.
  6. 收缩膜,通常适用于各种电器或机械的电池品牌。
  6. Shrink film, usually applicable to battery brands of various electrical appliances or machinery.
  7. 多色产品标签用铜版纸。通常用于食品、药品、电器的信息标签。
  7. Copper plate paper for multi-color product label. It is usually used for information labels of food, medicine and electrical appliances.
  8. 激光薄膜属于高档信息标签纸,主要用于文具、高档饰品等多色产品标签。
  8. Laser film belongs to high-grade information label paper, which is mainly used for multi-color product labels such as stationery and high-grade ornaments.
  9. 铝箔:这种不干胶标签也可用于多种颜色的产品。它通常被用作制药、食品和文具产品的高级信息标签。
  9. Aluminum foil: This self-adhesive label can also be used for products of various colors. It is often used as a high-level information label for pharmaceutical, food and stationery products.
  10. 聚丙烯,这种不干胶标签表面有透明、亚银、亚金、乳白色、哑光乳白色等。性能为耐水、耐油、耐化工产品具有更重要的产品标签性能,日常应用于卫浴用品、电器、机械等产品的信息标签。
  10. Polypropylene, the surface of the self-adhesive label is transparent, silver, gold, milky white, matte milky white, etc. The performance of water, oil and chemical resistant products has more important product label performance, which is used in the information label of sanitary products, electrical appliances, machinery and other products.
  11. 传热纸,耐高温环境性能好。通常用于微波炉等产品。
  11. Heat transfer paper, good performance in high temperature environment. Usually used in microwave oven and other products.
  12. 可拆卸粘合织物通常采用铜版纸、镜纸、聚乙烯、聚丙烯等。由于这种不干胶标签撕下来不留痕迹,通常适用于餐具、水果等标签。
  12. The detachable adhesive fabric is usually coated paper, mirror paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Because this kind of adhesive label can be torn off without leaving any trace, it is usually suitable for labels of tableware, fruit, etc.
  13. 化学合成纸由于这种不干胶标签耐水、耐油能力强,通常用于高档产品和环保产品的信息标签。
  13. Chemical synthetic paper is usually used for information labels of high-grade products and environmental protection products due to its strong water and oil resistance.
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