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  Why does Jinan Taili calendar printing factory separate other crafts from flexographic calendar? It mainly depends on the type of movable parts and the needs of customers. Flexible calendar printers may ask the following questions: what are the quality requirements for loose parts? What kind of data do we need to stop processing? How much do customers pay for our services? (e.g. transparent film, pressure-sensitive substrate, heat sensitive shrink label, etc.) other factors that need to be considered are the number of calendar printing, the frequency of orders, and the possibility of improving or reducing the efficiency of hybrid calendar printing A series of follow-up questions.
  When customers need high-quality four-color calendar printing and reproduction of design details, we will offset and flexographic calendar printing separately. Offset printing has also found its own market, such as wine making enterprises and liquor brewing enterprises, whose trademarks are made of paperback, and various color offset inks are transferred to substrate through blanket under strong pressure.
  There is a lot of discussion these days about sctasia and its potential in labeling and packaging, and this trend will continue. This is mainly because the emergence of non axial transmission creates separation conditions for the invention of calendar printing process such as offset printing, which can not only ensure the divergence of calendar printing tension, but also adhere to a certain accuracy. In addition, the cost of offset printing and the irregular price of high-end flexographic calendar printing machine and web offset press promote the development of this trend. Each calendar printing process has different advantages and disadvantages. In the process of printing wall mounted calendar, we should consider the following points:
  Advantages of offset printing:
  *Offset plate cost is lower than flexo plate, plate making process is simpler, we do not need to store plates.
  *Offset printing process is relatively simple, more predictable than flexography.
  *Printing can consume more detail - it's easier than flexography to consume live parts received on the same day.
  *The repeated changes of offset plate simplify the process and reduce the cost.
  *Offset printing is better than flexographic printing in different colors.
  *胶印可以消耗PMS (pantone color matching system)颜色——它可以让我们停止用较少的颜色打印日历,降低整体成本。
  *Offset printing can consume PMS (Pantone color matching system) color - it can let us stop printing calendar with fewer colors and reduce the overall cost.
  Offset printing in the process of flexo printing will not appear frequently blocks and problems.
  *In many high-quality calendar printing markets, offset printing has a strong competitiveness.
  Offset defects:
  *Offset printing requires high technical level of operators*胶印混印过程中会增加胶印的复杂性。
  *In the process of offset printing, it will increase the complexity of offset printing.
  *The overall investment level of offset printing is relatively high, and the demand for electronic control system ensures the quality of calendar printing.
  The change of offset printing is difficult, and it costs time and money.
  *Offset printing is a different ink technology, with ink background of flexographic calendar printing plant.
  *Ink balance control not only requires the operator to have a higher level of technology, but also needs to stop a lot of investment in electronic equipment.
  *Field ink calendar printing is not a strong offset.
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