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  1、 Prepress and film mosaic
  Mosaic, also known as folding hand, refers to the arrangement of each page in a certain order and direction to form a new large format page; in this way, after printing, only through simple folding, cutting and binding, you can get the final required finished page sequence.
  1. Prepress: the printing problem is compared with the final printing format size and printing machine problem. The printing problem is usually divided into the following categories: (1) flat, suppose you need a 64 page book puzzle, and say that this book should form a large page every 4 together, so the case is as follows:
  Because it is double-sided printing, there are 16 large pages and 8 stickers (the front and back of a large page are called Book stickers). (Note: different origami machines have different origami order and direction, which may lead to different origami order and direction during assembly. )Riding cover means putting the first and last pages together, the second and last pages together, the third and last pages together The analogy of other parts is a kind of assembling method; because of the thickness of the paper itself, the number of pages of mounting stitches cannot be too many. This method is often used in collages such as brochures. (3) Roll over the printed mosaic. (4) Reprint collage.
  2. Film mosaic: on the basis of the difficulty of re printing the film, according to the principles of the film and trying to save the cost of the film, movie fans, of course, also include the positive film, in the male version of the film negatives, negatives and cutting / folding, registration marks, color correction and other issues column, concentrated color proportion.
  2、 Film output
  General program of film output (take CorelDRAW as an example):
  谜题“打印”,选择打印机(例如,英国《金融时报》- 3050)打印机“属性”,“高级”- >“纸张大小”- >“自定义页面大小”编辑自定义页面大小,纸张方向选择“短边”-确定-打印- >选择PostScrot文件,文件和打印文件的相关文件夹电影输出机(激光排版方面)直接连接到计算机找到PostoScrot文件,然后输出。
  Puzzle "print", select printer (for example, Financial Times - 3050) printer "properties", "advanced" - "paper size" - "custom page size" Edit custom page size, paper direction select "first short side" - OK - print - > select postscript file, File and print file related folder movie output machine (laser typesetting) directly connected to the computer to find the postosclot file, and then output.
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