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  Jinan packaging printing ink skinning measures we all know that when the ink in the process of the ink in the ink bucket dry surface, forming a horizontal film, or place a mixing device, or just ink pour, otherwise, will be attached to the film, the result will be uneven layout, resulting in printing pollution.
  The reason is that the ink industry tends to:
  (1) Ink drying too fast;
  (2) Poor ink fluidity;
  (3) The ink is dry. But this phenomenon is due to the evaporation, evaporation, or oxidation drying gradient of the ink system is very large, while printing: the structure of printing ink or ink bucket is not good, there is no remaining part, the air dried ink surface leaked from the dryer or the ink in the ink bucket of the heat blower.
  Although there are different opinions, the printing operators generally adopt the following methods to solve this problem:
  (1) Do not use too fast drying ink;
  (2) Add medium and slow drying solvent;
  (3)更换变质的油墨(即从流动性差到流动性好);(4)在油墨中不停搅拌;(5)墨斗上设有封盖;(3) Replace the deteriorated ink (i.e. from poor fluidity to good fluidity); (4) keep stirring in the ink; (5) the ink bucket is provided with a cover;(6)调节吹热角度。一般有印刷经验的常识,当墨水干燥速度过快,的浓度或太轻,或流,触变性,墨水或油墨静电,将转移印花机器速度快,不仅防止墨水早期干节点板上,并克服包装和印刷油墨膜壳的形成,消除失败的图形标志。
  (6) Adjust the blowing angle. General knowledge of printing experience, when the ink drying speed is too fast, the concentration is too light, or flow, thixotropy, ink or ink static electricity, the transfer printing machine will be fast, not only to prevent the ink from drying on the early node plate, but also to overcome the formation of packaging and printing ink film shell, and eliminate the failure of graphic signs.
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