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  Four color printing is a kind of common color printing, but some of the four-color printing with higher requirements can not meet the demand, and spot color printing appears. Then what are the characteristics and differences between four-color printing and spot color printing? Jinan printing factory will make an in-depth analysis for you.
  These four colors are mixed colors, which are green, green, yellow and black, i.e. C, m, y and K. These four colors are very common in PS, and they distribute the desired colors and images in different proportions. Therefore, there are four groups in the middle of our common color printing machines, which is the reason. For some professional printing companies, in a variety of printing production, can better grasp the principle and method of printing color processing. Generally speaking, when printing three primary colors, C, m, y and K all have their own color plates. The dots of these four colors are recorded on the color plates. These dots are generated by the screen plates on the screen plates. The combination of these four color plates forms the definition of three primary colors. The disadvantage of spot color printing in Beijing printing factory is to adjust the proportion through the density of image dot. In this way, when reprinting the color block, some color blocks can see the dot with naked eyes, resulting in the weak texture of the color block.
  In this case, spot color appears to make up for this deficiency. Spot color is directly printed by professional chromatography, according to the proportion of chromatography, the ink color required for distribution is directly printed, and the color does not need point density to control, so the whole color is solid and looks more textured. Spot colors are gold and silver, but actually there are thousands of spot colors in Pantone spectrum. If the required color is not on the chromatogram, you can also adjust the required color according to the experience of the color master to find the proportion of ink. The special color printing of four-color printing pictures in Beijing printing factory is generally used in high-end books and periodicals, but it is mostly used for packaging, making the printing color more texture and visual impact stronger, such as cigarette packaging, etc.
  The way to distinguish four colors and spot color is very simple, that is to use a magnifying glass to see the printing dot, spot color is not to see the dot. The professionals of Jinan printing factory can distinguish four kinds of colors and spot colors with naked eyes without magnifying glass. Source:, reprint please indicate the source.