来源:   日期:2018-10-23


From the most open pure manual to the present semi-automatic, full-automatic gift box molding equipment, the gift box packaging industry has slowly realized less people-oriented operations, the earliest packaging manufacturers at least twenty more to do manual, and now there are automatic molding machine manufacturers, a few people enough. The ten thousand boxes are one or two boxes, and the complex boxes are four or five days. At present, the most delayed box production cycle has become a preliminary preparation, such as fixed materials, printing, beer, V slot, etc.
A lot of packing boxes manufacturers are out of shipment are all delayed by the pre-material preparation time, the biggest reason is that the packing factory does not have their own printing press, stamping machine, V-slot machine, etc., so these need to be sent out to do, then this time is not the packaging factory can decide. Only the more formal gift box manufacturers will have a complete set of machinery and equipment, if customers want to rush to achieve the fastest delivery of seven days. No, last week, Hefei packaging received an urgent order, which will be used after seven days. As a result, it only took six days for the package to be delivered to the customer, helping the customer to get one day of loading time.
Therefore, we must choose the packaging manufacturers have the strength, not because of the cheap to choose some factories without security, in case of delay in delivery on the loss. Often powerful packaging manufacturers will be a little more expensive, which is also due to different services, we can choose suppliers according to their needs.