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  Due to various reasons, the color distortion of the desk calendar printing will not only hurt customers, but also damage their reputation if it is published in the market without control. The color distortion of Jinan desk calendar printing is a method we should learn. How to identify the color distortion?
  Human eyes have a certain adaptability to color. For images with small color distortion, repeated observation will affect recognition. Therefore, when judging whether there is color distortion, it is an important method to use the first impression to eliminate the limitation of human color vision.
  2. 中性色基准法
  2. Neutral color reference method
  There are many neutral colors in our life, such as black, white and gray. They are the zero point of color in the colorful world. We can distinguish the basis point of color distortion.
  3. Skin color reference
  The color of the skin is the most familiar color. All the pictures of the figures, especially the pictures of the desk calendar printed by the portraits of the figures, can be used as the basis to distinguish the color distortion. No matter it is yellow skin, white skin or black skin, its skin color has a rule, that is, it is the color of blood. That is to say, there are red yellow, red white or red black. If the skin color of the figure is yellow, it will give a feeling of nausea. Under normal circumstances, even if the skin color in the image is really yellow, color correction should also be adjusted according to the color of the blood, that is, yellow with red.
  In the printing operation of the desk calendar, if we master the deformation and identification methods of the main factors, then we can grasp the printing color very well and achieve the complete effect in the customers' mind. Therefore, we can not ignore the distortion of printing color.
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