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  Printed matter decorates our lives and adds rich colors to them. So what are the characteristics of qualified printing? Printing is very popular, and there are many problems to be noted. Since I have worked in a printing factory in Jinan for several years, I would like to briefly analyze eight different colors and some pre press design considerations based on my personal experience.
  1. Grey balance. According to the theory and production practice, the most difficult thing to control is grey balance. The gray balance is suitable for certain printing. The three primary colors of yellow, red and blue, from light to dark, are overprinted in proportion to different brightness decolorization (white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black) according to a certain network combination. The color of neutral gray in vision. Many factors affect the ink used, the complete version of paper, printing and concentration, dot, overprint and screen line number, and the related influence on gray level This is a test of the accuracy of the machine and the skill level of the operator.
  2. Four color screen and three color screen, full color printing is not allowed (spot color printing is recommended).
  People who don't understand print design are the hardest to print. On the one hand, the color is too many multi-color and very thin lines, and very small words are white.
  IV. for the large flat net with C = 50m = 50y = 50K = 50, the color is not serious.
  5. There are four colors in the text, that is, there are four colors in the CMYK text, especially the small characters, which are difficult to cover, and the requirements for the machine paper teeth are very high. This is also a common problem, so the pre press designer must check whether the black text in the publication documents, especially the small characters, only appear in the black version, rather than in the other three colors. If so, the quality of the printed product will be greatly reduced. When RGB graphics are converted into CMYK graphics, the black text will certainly become four-color black. Must be dealt with unless otherwise specified.
  6. It's hard to deal with a black base. Black background color in order to achieve the effect, you can use special black ink or print twice, printing is not difficult, more labor-saving.
  7. Digital dot overlay, especially over 70% dot. Specifically, due to the color difference between dark brown, Tan, dark green (including 70 Blue flat screens), dark blue and purple blue, it is not easy to find a balance on the printing machine, so it is difficult to print out colors.
  VIII. When printing general full page materials, when the spot color full page or large area, anti white characters, signs are the same, and color blocks are the same, it is generally difficult to follow the color, and it is easy to produce color difference, ghost shadow, dirt and scratch.
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