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  The data design and selection of packing box are mainly white board paper, gray board paper, white card paper, Micah paper, glass card paper, copperplate paper, kraft card paper and corrugated paper. The criterion of design is to consider the shape, dimension, weight to be accepted, appearance, level, printing process and the selection of post printing process of the packing box.
  1. coated paper
  铜版纸,又称印刷涂料纸,这种纸是在原纸上涂布一层白色浆料,经过压光而制成的。纸张外表润滑,白度较高,伸缩性小、对油墨的吸收性与接纳状态非常良好。主要用于印刷高级书刊的封面和插图、彩色画片、各种精巧的商品广告、样本、商品包装、商标等。 无光铜版纸,与铜版纸相比,不太反光。用它印刷的图案,虽没有铜版纸颜色鲜艳,但图案比铜版纸更细腻,更高档。印出的图形、画面具有平面感,因此这种铜版纸可普遍地用来印刷画报、广告、景色画、精巧挂历、人物摄影图等。
  Copperplate paper, also known as printing coating paper, this paper is coated with a layer of white paste on the base paper and made by calendering. Paper surface lubrication, high whiteness, small scalability, the absorption and acceptance of ink is very good. It is mainly used to print the cover and illustrations, color pictures, various exquisite commercial advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc Matte coated paper, compared with coated paper, not too reflective. The pattern printed with it is not bright in color, but the pattern is more delicate and high-grade than the paper. The printed figures and pictures have a sense of plane, so this kind of copperplate paper can be widely used to print pictorials, advertisements, landscape paintings, exquisite calendars, figure photography, etc.
  2. cardboard
  Paperboard is an ideal material for manufacturing high-grade packaging box. Its good hand feel, ideal color and dot transfer conditions, as well as the reasons why designers choose stiffness and appearance strength. According to the request of different packing box, the designer can stop the design and selection of all kinds of paper jam.
  (1)白卡纸 白卡纸的特性是不只白度高,而且光泽温和、典雅高尚,印刷时网点转移良好,层次与颜色复原可到达相当高的水准,并且手感细腻。设计师常将白卡纸用于礼品盒、化装盒、酒盒等高档包装盒产品中。
  (1) the characteristics of white card paper are not only high whiteness, but also mild luster, elegance and nobility. When printing, the dot transfer is good, the level and color recovery can reach a very high level, and the feel is fine. Designers often use white cardboard in gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes and other high-end packaging products.
  (2)玻璃卡纸 玻璃卡纸是对白卡纸外表做玻璃化处置产生的一种卡纸,这种纸的外表光泽度十分高,且手感滑爽,其视觉效果比卡纸、铜版纸经UV上光后的光泽度还高,用这种卡纸制造的产品十分亮丽耀眼。设计师常将玻璃卡纸应用于药品与高档化装品的包装盒。
  (2) cellophane cellophane cellophane is a kind of cellophane produced by glass treatment of the surface of white cellophane. The paper has a very high glossiness and a smooth feel. Its visual effect is higher than the glossiness of cellophane and copperplate after UV polishing. The products made of this kind of cellophane are bright and dazzling. Designers often use cellophane in the packaging of drugs and high-grade cosmetics.
  3. board
  板纸是一种层合构造的纸,其定量有220g/m2,240g/m2,250g/m2……400g/m2,450g/m2,范围很广,可选择的余地各种资料 中的。这种纸具有一定的挺度与外表强度,特别是涂色白板纸因具有外表涂层,印刷油墨不易浸透,用量较少,印刷图像颜色与网点转移良好。但缺陷是平整度 较差,印刷时速度较慢;另一个缺陷是手感与卡纸相比明显粗糙。
  Board paper is a kind of laminated paper with a ration of 220g / m2240g / m2250g / m2 400g / m2450 g / m2, a wide range, the largest of all kinds of data. This paper has a certain stiffness and surface strength, especially for the coated white board paper, because of its surface coating, printing ink is not easy to be soaked, the amount is less, and the printing image color and dot transfer are good. However, the defects are poor flatness and slow printing speed; the other is the obvious roughness of hand feel compared with paper jam.
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