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A printing company can print many things, such as picture album printing, brochure printing, magazine printing and so on. Today, let's talk about album printing, which is a book printing with pictures and a small amount of text. The albums are basically printed on copperplate paper. There are also albums with special cover paper and inner copperplate paper. There are also brochures printed entirely on special paper.
This is album printing, in the process of printing, there will be a variety of problems, such as color bias, unequal typesetting. So today we'll deal with how to deal with the color bias in album printing. To deal with the problem of color bias in album printing, we must first know the factors of color bias in album printing. The factors of color bias in album printing are: ink: three primary colour inks have different levels of color bias, which will affect the whole picture at different levels. But a small amount of color deviation can be corrected from the aspect of ink preparation. When printing, the gray balance of the ink should be well grasped. Equivalent amounts of yellow, grade and green do not produce neutral gray. They produce light, turbid and brown gray, rather than real gray.
The reason is that the ink introduced above is not ideal absorption of color light (the spectral curve of the ink is not ideal), that is, caused by the impurity of the ink used. In the CMYK space of practical ink, in order to get real grey, we need to improve the amount of blue ink. Paper itself: The smoothness, absorbability, whiteness and glossiness of paper have a greater impact on the reproducibility of tone and color of printed matter. The smoothness is divided into apparent smoothness and printing smoothness. Apparent smoothness is the level of surface smoothness of paper. It depends on the surface morphology of paper and describes the structure characteristics of paper. The paper's apparent smoothness has a certain relationship with its glossiness. The paper with high apparent smoothness has a relatively high glossiness.
Understanding the elements of bias will enable us to know how to stop dealing with him.
1. For a part of the category that the film pays attention to, the corners of CMYK without holes (light leakage) must be complete without scratches and obvious scratches. The proof must be substantially reduced and the obligation to correct it. Signature notes, papermaking, printing quality, delivery time, process requirements, can not be slackened.
2. Documents: Pay attention to the chromaticity of album printing; version (CMYK corner line is not aligned, preferably with a magnifying glass, you can see the error) 1, 2 lines; pay attention to, there is no obvious dirty spots, it should be noted that at any time, album printers erase the part of the printing plate; pay attention to the unnecessary white spots or other color spots, in the Erase at any time; every time a part of the printing worker is pulled out, you can also follow the picture album printer you see for a period of time, which may be a phenomenon of some color of light or heavy tasks.