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First of all, the surface material plays the role of content carrier in the non-drying glue. There are many kinds of materials, but the number of them will not be explained one by one. Several common surface materials are introduced, such as copper plate paper, beautifying paper, transparent polyvinyl chloride, kraft paper, polypropylene and so on.
Where is the labeling information? We can see that there is a film on the surface of the adhesive, and what is the material used? There are mainly several kinds: transparent polyester, translucent polyester, transparent directional drawing polypropylene, translucent directional drawing polypropylene, transparent polyvinyl chloride, glossy white polyvinyl chloride, matte white polyvinyl chloride, synthetic paper, etc.
The role of adhesives should be known to all, this is the paper behind the coating is the adhesives, mainly plays the role of adhesives, common are: general super-viscous, general strong sticky, refrigerated food strong sticky, general re-uncovering, fiber re-uncovering.
Substrate material is a layer of paper with a dry adhesive bottom. When we use the dry adhesive, we will tear the base paper apart. The function of the base paper is to isolate the adhesive, which can be simply peeled off the surface paper. Common materials are: white, blue, yellow glassine paper or onion, kraft paper, polyester (PET), copperplate paper, polyethylene (PE).
Without adhesives, labels can't be attached, and it's hard to accomplish their functions. Choosing a good adhesive is also an important step, the stickiness of the label depends on it. The following are commonly used adhesives for label printing:
AF101 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,在诸多包装资料上均有优良的表现性能。
AF101 is a universal permanently acrylic latex with excellent performance in many packaging materials.
AP103 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,有很好的模切与排废性能。
AP103 is a universal permanently acrylic latex with excellent die cutting and waste removal properties.
AP104 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,特别适用于有一定难度的贴标。
AP104 is a universal permanence acrylic latex, especially suitable for labeling with certain difficulty.
AP104A 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,一种初始粘度与都极高的粘胶剂。
AP104A is a universal permanent acrylic latex, an adhesive with high initial viscosity.
AP107 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,不易渗胶。
AP107 is a universal and permanent acrylic latex, which is not easy to penetrate.
HP103 一种通用型永世性橡胶基粘胶剂,初始粘度与粘性都极高的粘胶剂。
HP103 is a universal permanent rubber-based adhesive with high initial viscosity and viscosity.
HP104 一种通用型永世性橡胶基粘胶剂,在诸多包装资料上均具有优良的表现性能。
HP104 is a universal and permanent rubber-based adhesive, which has excellent performance in many packaging materials.
S1000 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,永世性透明粘胶剂。
S1000 is a universal perennial acrylic latex, perennial transparent adhesive.
S2001 永世性丙烯酸乳胶。主要适用于薄膜类的标签。
S2001 immortal acrylic latex. Mainly suitable for film labels.
S3000 永世性丙烯酸乳胶。一种用处普遍、具有优良表现性能的工业级永世性透明粘胶剂。
S3000 permanent acrylic latex. An industrial grade permanently transparent adhesive with general use and excellent performance.
S4900 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶,一种透明的通用型永世性粘胶剂。
S4900 is a universal permanence acrylic latex, a transparent universal permanence adhesive.
S692N 一种通用型永世性丙烯酸乳胶。一种适用于各种温度的永世性强力粘胶剂。
S692N is a universal permanently acrylic latex. A permanently strong adhesive suitable for various temperatures.
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