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The Precision Beauty of Writing
Compact cosmetic packaging advocates readability, conciseness and economy of text planning, and opposes excessive decoration. In practice, the refined text planning not only has a simple aesthetic feeling, but also can improve the product level. For example, the word "Qiyun" is used to stop the expression of traditional Chinese calligraphy in the packaging of Bailao Antelope Herbal Charm Series products. The characters are simple, generous and readable, with a strong national flavor. The background color is natural green, which customers like, without any modification, and is in harmony with the overall planning style to build a healthy life. Wenwen's feeling.
The Precision Beauty of Format
The refined packaging format of cosmetics not only brings strong visual aesthetics and impact, but also achieves the attempt to save printing costs. Packaging planners should display commodity information in limited space in a concise, lively and truthful way. They should not only excel in the theme and key points of the brand, but also attract customers'attention and make them have purchasing aspirations. In addition, blank space is a necessary factor in layout planning. It can not only create an empty visual effect for commodities, but also bring endless imagination space to customers.
The Precision Beauty of the Round
The precise planning of cosmetic packaging graphics mostly uses generalization, generalization and other ways. Through metaphor, exaggeration and other performance techniques, the characteristics of cosmetics are excellent, giving people a simple and lively visual sense. "Shape" is concise and meaningful, accurately conveys the commodity information, and fully reflects the individualized and precise planning style.
Precise beauty of color
The precise planning of packaging color is based on the principle of "unification of all colours and comparison of local colours", and the performance effect of single or homochromatic system is selected according to the characteristics of products. Many brands of cosmetics pursue the packaging planning concept of precise color. The packaging planning is simple and the color is single. They advocate no decoration, adhere to the original color and appearance of the goods, give people an elegant aesthetic feeling, and can bring great satisfaction to customers. In addition, the simplicity of packaging color can avoid excessive use of color to form too messy printing process, which can effectively save printing costs.
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